Below is Wrestling Inc's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly show, Fusion. This episode takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City.

Show opens with Air Wolf making his entrance for the eveing's opening tag bout. His partner, Rey Horus, is out second.

Shoot over to commentary, where Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the main event between Mance Warner and Sami Callihan, and announce a grudge matchup between Ace Romero and Contra's Josef Samael.

Horus and Air Wolf's opponents...Lucha Brothers.

Lucha Brothers versus Rey Horus & Air Wolf

Fenix begins with Wolf. They slap hands out of respect. Tie-up. Fenix with an arm-drag. He applies a modified armbar. Wolf transitions out of the hold into a crossface, but Fenix bounces up to his feet. Wolf shows off his athleticism with a rope walking arm-drag. Pentagon pops in and hits a superkick! Horus with a top rope flying crossbody! Headscissor sends Pentagon to the outside. Wolf and Horus go for a suicide dive...the Lucha Brothers meet them both at the ropes with a strike. Fenix works over Horus in the corner then tosses him to ringside. All four men brawl on the outside, with the Lucha Bros winning the exchange with huge chops and tandem offense.

Back in the ring...stereo superkick from the Lucha Bros onto Wolf. Horus charges but Pentagon and Fenix use the numbers advantage and nearly win with a code-red onto Horus. Wolf and Fenix trade chops in the center. Wolf nails Fenix with a kick to the head, then hits a step-through flatliner. Pentagon breaks up the pin...he catches Wolf with the Pentagon driver! Horus breaks up the pin with a basement dropkick! Big chop from Horus onto Pentagon. Springboard attempt from Horus...Pentagon hits another superkick! Horus responds with a Spanish-Fly! Fenix with a big roundhouse onto Horus...Rikishi driver! Horus kicks out. More stereo superkicks from the Lucha Bros. Piledriver and double-stomp combo picks up the win for Pentagon and Fenix.

Lucha Brothers win by pinfall.

Cut to a promo video from Contra, which shows off their attack on MLW Heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor, and the destruction they caused during the Battle Riot matchup. Jacob Fatu threatens the MLW locker room, saying that if no one take them seriously, the body count will rise. Ace Romero battles Samael next.

Salina de la Renta is being interviewed. She calls Sami Callihan a sweat pig and a loser. Sami Callihan appears out of nowhere and gets in Salina's face but security pushes him out of the way.

Ace Romero is out first for our next matchup. Flashback to Contra unit's attack on Romero back in Chicago, where they busted him open with a railroad spike. Josef Samael is out next. He's alone...for now.

Josef Samael versus Ace Romero

Romero meets Samael at the entrance path and they start brawling. They get into the ring for a second before the fight spills back to the outside. Samael with huge chops. Romero responds with one of his own. Samael slides back into the ring, then attacks Romero as he tries to climb in. Eye rake from Samael. He clubs Romero over the head but Romero picks him up and slams him to the mat dropping all his weight on him. Romero climbs to the top...Samael cuts him off and slams him! Samael goes for an Irish-Whip...Romero is too strong...he reverses it. Stinger splash attempt from Romero...Samael moves...DDT! Samael punts Romero in the face! He can't kick out.

Josef Samael wins by pinfall.

As soon as the match is over Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch come out and assault Romero. Barrington Hughes comes out to make the save! He tosses out Samael and Gotch, then starts trading fists with Fatu! Contra is able to gang up on him and stomp him to the mat. They beat him unconscious...Fatu climbs...super splash! Referee and security is trying to stop Contra's attack.

Commercial break for MLW's next event in Milwaukee.

Promo from Tom Lawlor. He says that for months Contra unit has been trying to make a name for themselves by causing havoc. He challenges any of them to a face-to-face confrontation inside the ring, and calls them cowards for attacking from behind. He says that the odds will be soon as his friends arrive.

Flashback to the end of the Battle Riot matchup, when LA Park eliminated Sami Callihan to win a title opportunity. Callihan and Salina's confrontation from earlier is also played.

Backstage Sami Callihan runs into Ricky Martinez. Martinez shoves him and they start fighting on the stairwell.

Recap of the end of last week's show, when the Hart Foundation stole MJF's car with Dynasty chasing them.

The H2 network (Hart Foundation) cuts into the feed. They're still in MJF's car, smoking a blunt for 420. Teddy Hart says that his cat pissed all over the place. Hart also says that after spending a year in jail...he's been humbled, and that MJF wouldn't last a second on the inside.

Gringo Loco makes his way to the ring for the next bout of the night. He battles Puma King in singles-action.

Gringo Loco versus Puma King

Action starts fast...Loco dodges an attack by jumping over Puma King. Nice sequence of counters from both men that ends with a double Lucha flip and a staredown from the competitors. Puma King offers Loco a handshake...then pulls it away. Loco kicks him in the shin and slaps him in the chest for duping him. He wears Puma King down with a boot to the throat. Puma King catches Loco with a pop-up facebuster, then hits a superkick immediately following. Puma King rope frankensteiner that sends Loco to ringside. Puma King with a crossbody to Loco on the outside!

Back in the ring...Puma King hits a drive-by boot. He lays into Loco with multiple kicks. Loco fires back by smashing Puma King's head off the turnbuckle. Sprinboard cutter from Loco! Cover...Puma King escapes. Powerslam from Loco. He climbs again...but misses a corkscrew. Puma King takes advantage hitting a pop-up powerbomb. Now Puma King climbs...Loco crotch drops him. He climbs...TOP ROPE SPANISH FLY...PUMA KING JUST KICKS OUT. Now Puma King has Loco on top and goes for a superplex...he hits it and holds on. Another suplex. He goes for a third but Loco blocks it. Top rope frankensteiner attempt by Puma King...Loco powerbombs him! Tiger bomb! Cover...Loco wins.

Gringo Loco wins by pinfall.

Another promo from Salina de la Renta. She finds Mance Warner and makes him a proposition. Warner doesn't understand what a proposition is so Salina has to explain it. She wants Warner to take care of Sami Callihan, and promises to make it worth his while. Warner denies her offer, insulting her in the process.

Main event is next!

Dynasty holds a meeting. MJF says that their faction is not clicking. He calls Brian Pillman' victory over him a fluke, but that their team needs to be more cohesive as a team if they want to take the Hart Foundation down. Richard Holliday is on board, but Alexander Hammerstone shows signs of being annoyed.

Sami Callihan makes his way out. Old Mancer is out second. Commentary puts over how Callihan and Warner both have issues with Promociones Dorado.

Sami Callihan versus Mance Warner

Callihand and Warner go right at each other with right hands. Lou Thez press from Callihan. Fight spills to the outside. Callihan claws at Warner's face. Warner bites Callihan's fingers...Callihan smashes a beer can over Warner's head. Warner responds by smashing a beer over Callihan's head. Callihan reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. He thrusts it into Warner's throat, then slams it off the ground. Suplex attempt...blocked by Warner...blocked by Callihian...Callihan executes the suplex. Warner bounces right to his feet! Thrust kick from Callihan! He sets the chair up...suplex onto the chair! Callihan is in control early on.

Warner taunts Callihan to take his vest off. Callihan obliges him, then suffers a huge slap to the chest for his troubles. Callihan fires off his own chop, then tosses Warner and another steel chair back into the ring. Huge chair shot onto Warner's back. Callihan gets into a tiff with the referee, giving Warner a chance to hit a chair shot of his own. Callihan retakes control and ties Warner up in the chair. Warner absorbs the punishment, laying into Callihan with overhead chops but Callihan slows down his comeback with a drop-toe-hold. Callihan goes for a Uranagi, Warner surprises him with a headbutt that drops Callihan seated into the chair. Callihan catches Warner in a tombstone...HE TOMBSTONES HIM ONTO THE CHAIR! Somehow Warner is able to kick out. Callihan can't believe it. He runs to the outside and grabs a table. Callihan sets it up in the corner...but gets speared by Warner right through it! Callihan kicks out at one! Hes right back to his feet in anger! Running knee from Warner! Ricky Martinez and Hijo de la Park run out and attack both men causing a no-contest.

Match ends in a no-contest.

Callihan and Warner are able to get the upperhand on Promociones Dorado. Warner and Callihan stare each other down, but decide to show some mutual respect with a slobbery handshake. They then go after Park and Martinez, brawling until the credits roll.

That's the show friends.