Yesterday we asked if you thought WrestleMania should become a two day event, assuming WWE continues to run seven hour (or longer) shows.

It was a resounding "no" in the comments for a number of reasons including: logistics of people having to travel in and out of the area, adding another show to an already busy week, and one of the shows ultimately becoming the "b-show" of the two. Many felt WWE simply needs to cut down the time of the event to make it feel like less of a marathon.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments.

Claude Bane:

"If they make it a two day event, the first show will feel less important. They also risk of losing viewers if the first day doesn't deliver. In my opinion, eliminate the battle royals because they never have payoffs, and introduce different style matches such as the scramble match."


"If it stays at roughly 16 matches, then it definitely should expand to Saturday and Sunday. If that occurred this year, Kofi could have had the main event Saturday, and the women's main event Sunday. Both days could have run until around 10:30 pm EST. Just move the HOF to Thursday and keep NXT Takeover on Friday making it a full weekend event."


"No! It should be a tight 3 hours that means something. WrestleMania used to be the event of events for the fans. It's just more 'content' the last several years."


"The one thing I'd be pro them doing is not showing every single video package in the pre-show, followed by showing those exact same packages prior to every match."

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