New SmackDown Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan is calling for an evolution for the WWE tag team division.

As noted, this week's blue brand episode saw Bryan and Rowan capture the vacant SmackDown Tag Team Titles from The Usos, who came over from RAW for the night due to the WWE Wild Card Rule. The titles were recently relinquished by The Hardy Boys due to a leg injury to Jeff Hardy. Bryan and Rowan spoke to the WWE cameras after the win, seen above, and reiterated earlier comments on the design of the blue brand tag team title belts. It looks like Bryan and Rowan will be dropping the leather strap of the belts, and possibly introducing an eco-friendly design similar to the one Bryan used for the WWE Title earlier this year.

"Is that a joke? Is that a joke?," Bryan asked when the reporter mentioned the leather on the straps. "Because there's a lot of joking around in the tag team division apparently. Like, it's a joke, like I'm not going to have these changed. But speaking of jokes and speaking of the tag team division, think of The Usos, right? What were they doing on RAW last night? Joking around as if the tag team division is some sort of joke. And what about Heavy Machinery? Joking around as if the tag team division is some sort of joke. And what about The New Day? Joking around like being the tag team champions is some sort of joke."

Bryan continued and said they will go on to headline WrestleMania as SmackDown Tag Team Champions. He also continued to knock The New Day, The Usos and Heavy Machinery, and some of the comedy segments that tag teams have been involved in over the years.

"You know, they talk about a women's evolution, about women main eventing WrestleMania," Bryan said. "Do you know who's never talked about main eventing WrestleMania? It's the tag team division and do you know why? Because for years, they've been led by jokers like The New Day, like The Usos, like Heavy Machinery, and they go out there and they do Thanksgiving Turkey Fights, and they'll do Halloween Contests. Do you know what? We are not those kind of tag team champions and speaking of which, do you know what? There's going to be a tag team evolution and this isn't going to be one dictated to us by The McMahons, no.

"This is going to be self-led, a self-led tag team revolution because Kofi Kingston, The New Day, they never aspired to that, they never aspired to that level, neither did The Usos. They were content with just being great tag teams. We're not content to just be great, we are going to be the greatest tag team of all time. We are going to main event WrestleMania as Tag Team Champions and we are going to aspire higher, and nobody, nobody is going to stop The Planet's Tag Team Champions."

A backstage segment on Tuesday's show teased that the first feud for Bryan and Rowan will be with Heavy Machinery's Tucker and Otis, which would be their first major feud on the main roster. Tucker responded to the promo from Bryan and tagged Otis in a comment about the titles.

He wrote, "@otiswwe man those shiny #TagTeamTitles look good huh? #BlueCollarSolid #SDLive"

The Usos also responded to Bryan's statement on the tag team evolution.

They wrote, "Yea we like this.... [Thinking Face emoji]"

You can see the related tweets below, along with a tweet from Bryan: