With WWE's ratings hitting all-time lows over the past couple months, stories on the writing team have been regularly making news. This past week's SmackDown drew an all-time low for a non-holiday first-run episode with 1.827 million viewers.

Last month, Road Dogg, who was the co-lead writer of SmackDown, stepped down to take an extended break from the company. Road Dogg had reportedly hit a breaking point with constant changes made to the brand by Vince McMahon.

Earlier this month, RAW head writer, Ryan Callahan, was released from the company after reportedly butting heads with WWE's Senior VP of Creative, David Kapoor. This release was not due to the ratings, but rather Kapoor reportedly felt Callahan took creative changes too personally and was difficult to work with. Other writers who have either left or were released recently include: RD Evans, Dave Schilling, and Kazeem Famuyide.

Surfacing earlier this week were multiple reports of Triple H growing frustrated with Vince McMahon being too open to suggestions from a team of nearly 40 writers. Triple H apparently thought the excessive input has watered down WWE Superstars' stories, hurting the product as a whole.

Impact Hall of Famer and Producer, Gail Kim, was asked if she would ever consider writing for WWE. Kim had little interest based on what she saw of the writing team during her runs in WWE (2002-2004, 2008-2011).

"Omg I would never," Kim wrote. "I used to see writers coming out of the their rooms stressed and even crying."

In the replies, Lance Storm commented, "Can you think of a worse job? I don't know too many people that want a 24/7 job."