- Above is backstage video of The Miz talking about tonight's MizTV segment with guest Roman Reigns on WWE RAW from London, England. Miz said we can expect the unexpected as two people, who have problems with the McMahon Family, try to get to the bottom of the issues. Miz also said we can expect to see a lot of him on both shows thanks to the WWE Wild Card Rule.

"As long as there is a Wild Card Rule, you might as well get used to seeing the most must-see WWE Superstar on Monday and Tuesday. As long as Shane McMahon is making my life a living hell, you can expect to see me wherever Shane is. So, if Shane's on RAW, I'll be there. If Shane's on SmackDown, I'll be there, and no matter what, I'll always be on Miz & Mrs. So, there ya go," Miz said.

- WWE stock was down 3.92% today, closing at $80.78 per share. Today's high was $82.44 and the low was $80.26.

- An interesting match took place at today's WWE live event from Bournemouth, England. WWE UK Champion WALTER retained his title over R-Truth in singles action. There's no word yet on what led to the unique match-up, but WALTER has been wrestling Pete Dunne on the tour. Below are a few fan shots from the match: