As seen above and below, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair released two YouTube videos this week to update fans on how he's doing following his recent heart surgery. During his message, Flair revealed that his recent scare cost $1.8 million. He noted that he had insurance, but he still paid a lot out of his pocket. He also said that he's ready to move forward.

"First of all, thank you," Flair said. "To my beautiful family, to all my friends, to all the doctors, nurses, everybody that brought me back again, it's a miracle again! And I'm living here to tell you that the kiss-stealing, wheeling and dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying, son of a gun is not gonna change, or slow down, I'm gonna move forward. I got autographs to sign, pictures to take, friends to have a cold beer with, and I mean two cold beers if it's Stone Cold."

Flair added that he's "never gonna get old" and he doesn't care how many times doctors tell him "you've got to learn to grow up" because he doesn't plan on acting his age.

The Nature Boy also talked about friends of his who stood by his side while he has been dealing with health issues. Regarding WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, Flair addressed comments made by Michaels during the ESPN 30 For 30 special.

"Ric doesn't love Richard Fliehr," Michaels said. "I don't know that he's ever taken the time to get to know him, or to find out who in the world he is."

Flair responded and said Michaels is not in a position to judge him.

"Shawn Michaels, I'm sorry... you're not in a position to judge me, buddy. Telling me I'll never know who Richard Fliehr is. Do you think I'll ever know? I don't know. Richard Fliehr, like I said before, was an irresponsible kid who was blessed with the greatest parents in the world, did everything wrong, and by the way, who are you to judge me? I mean, really? Come on, man, let's get serious. You've opened the door and I'm giving it back to you. Who are you to judge me, are you kidding me? You idolized me and then all the sudden contempt, for what? For what you grew up loving and for what you inspired me to be, who you are. I don't think so, man," Flair said.

Flair is scheduled to make his first post-surgery public appearance for SCWPro at their "To Be The Man" event in East Moline, Illinois tonight.