The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote Saturday's AEW Double Or Nothing event. The brothers just learned in the interview that WWE is planning on running a studio show on FS1 on Tuesday nights, which would compete with AEW's TNT show on Tuesday nights.

Matt responded, "It's exciting to know that so many fans who may not have seen or even heard about us now have the opportunity to do so. TNT will shine a spotlight on so many talented wrestlers who look, feel and sound so different than what casual fans might be used to. I didn't know any other wrestling organization was planning on airing opposite of us until this interview, so that's news to me."

"I love it. That's exactly what wrestling needs right now, competition. They've been so comfortable for the last two decades that they need something like this. This only helps the whole landscape of wrestling," Nick added.

Barrasso asked about the AEW "work place" with Tony Khan, Brandi Rhodes, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, and Matt responded with a look at the AEW creative team, which seems to be a group effort.

"The creative team is essentially a group chat that goes 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Matt said. "Some people in the group think a bit more traditionally, while others think super outside the box. We always come to some sort of agreement, somewhere in the middle. It's a recipe that works. The process has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding."

Nick added, "So far, it's been pretty good. We all are fantastic at separate things and, when we come together, it all meshes well."

The Bucks also commented on The Undertaker, who was pulled from the Starrcast II convention this weekend due to WWE feeling like the event is associated with AEW. Barrasso jokingly asked if The Dead Man was scared of an impromptu Superkick Party.

"I'm not sure I could reach the Undertaker for a superkick," Matt said.

"I was actually very sad to see him taken off," Nick added. "Fans would've loved to meet him in Vegas."