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Mike and Maria Kanellis cut a promo to open the show. Maria says that a changing of the guard is coming to 205 Live. Mike expresses that he's only ever been looking for an opportunity, and tonight he'll prove it against Akira Tozawa in a no-disqualification matchup tonight.

Cut-to Akira Tozawa, who is accompanied with his friend Brian Kendrick. Kendrick states that Kanellis has made Tozawa's life a living hell, and that tonight's no-dq stipulation favors Tozawa, recalling the street fight he shared with Tozawa when they were feuding. Tozawa smiles to end the segment.

Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. They hype the evening's main event...the previously mentioned no-disqualification bout between Akira Tozawa and Mike Kanellis. Commentary reminds us that Tozawa's friend, Brian Kendrick, is barred from ringside.

Ariya Daivari is out for the first matchup of the night.

Flash back to an interview with Tony Nese following his victory last week over Drew Gulak. Daivari would stroll up to warn Nese that he's coming for his title.

Noam Dar is out second. Tony Nese makes his way to ringside to watch Daivari in action. He joins the commentary table.

Ariya Daivari versus Noam Dar

Tie-up. Dar forces Daivari into the turnbuckle. Ref breaks the hold. Dar with a wristlock. He takes Daivari down to the mat. Daivari grabs Dar by the hair and pulls him to the mat. He pounds away on Dar with fists in the corner. Dar gets back to his feet and trips Daivari, then catches him in his signature spinning backslide pin...Daivari escapes with ease. Dar follows that up with a dropkick that sends Daivari to the outside. Daivari starts jaw-jacking with Nese but Dar is in pursuit...Daivari baited him in and slams Dar off the announcer table.

Back in the ring...Daivari shoves his foot into Dar's throat. Big knee to the gut from Daivari. He catches Dar with a kick to the head. He places Dar on the top rope and goes for a superplex...Dar punches him off then dives over Daivari...chain wrestling ends with Daivari applying the cobra-clutch! Dar is in trouble...he eventually breaks free from the hold. Daivari keeps the pressure on with a reverse DDT. He tosses Dar to the outside, then walks over to the champ at the commentary table for some more taunting. Nese tells him to worry about his opponent...he walks right into a cradle from Dar...two count! Dar with a flurry of strikes...he hits a running elbow in the corner, then nails Daivari with a Northern Lights suplex. Pinfall...Daivari gets a shoulder up. Dar charges...Daivari with a roll-up...Dar transitions into an ankle-lock! Daivari kicks him off for separation...superkick caught by Dar! Again with the ankle-lock! He's right in the center...Daivari rolls-through...superkick sends Dar to the mat. Daivari climbs...huge splash...hammerlock lariat. That's it.

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

Following the match...Nese jumps into the ring and sneaks up on Daivari...Nese scares him but doesn't attack. He says that he could have attacked him at any moment...but decided not to...mimicking the same thing Daivari said to him. He leaves holding the title high.

Promo from Oney Lorcan. He admits to missing out on a shot at the cruiserweight championship by losing a qualifying match, but that it won't discourage him. He says that nothing comes easy, and he'll work harder, train harder, and fight harder.

Commercial for Money In The Bank and WWE Shop.

The Singh Brothers are out next for tag action. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Singh Brothers versus Kevin Lee & David Kauffman

Samir starts...quick tag to Sunil...they take out one of the enhancement talents with a double-suplex. Big chops from Sunil. They dominate from start to finish...hitting their finisher...a backbreaker elbow drop combo...for the victory.

Singh Brothers win by pinfall

The Singhs cut a promo on the Lucha House Party for ruining their return to 205 Live on last week's show. Samir says that all of their fans in India were disappointed. Sunil challenges the LHP to a rematch. The brothers dance in the ring to end the segment.

Backstage Drake Maverick is with Mike and Maria Kanellis. Maria thanks him for barring Brian Kendrick, and says that she's happy they are finally on the same page. Maverick agrees, then informs Maria that she is also barred. Mike looks distraught.

Commercial for NXT.

Mark Andrews, James Drake, Jack Gallagher, and Humberto Carrillo are announced for a Fatal-Four way on next week's show.

Jack Gallagher is interviewed about the match. He's excited to be medically cleared, and hopes to represent the division well in his hometown of London. Humberto Carrillo walks up and says he looks forward to beating Gallagher in his home country. Gallagher responds..."You can try." They shake hands.

Main even time. Former cruiserweight champion Akira Tozawa is out first, Mike Kanellis is second.

Mike Kanellis versus Akira Tozawa no-disqualification

Tozawa comes out firing. He knocks Kanellis to the ground with huge shots, then clotheslines Kanellis over the top rope. Tozawa in pursuit...they battle up the ramp. Tozawa whips Kanellis off the LED board. Kanellis fires off a forearm but Tozawa comes right back with an elbow. Octopus submission by Tozawa! Kanellis turns it into a sidewalk-slam right onto the metal section of the entrance path! Tozawa is hurt. Kanellis takes a moment to recover...he reaches under the ring and pulls out three chairs and a table! (Big pop for the table.) He sets it up on the outside then picks up Tozawa and powerslams him onto the arena floor. Kanellis back to the other side of the ring...another table! He sets it up right next to the other one.

Back in the ring...Kanellis wears Tozawa down with kicks but Tozawa surprises him with a frankensteiner. Kanellis rolls to the outside...Tozawa goes with a suicide dive...KANELLIS HITS A SUPERKICK ON TOZAWA. He quickly throws him in the ring for the pin...two count. Vertical suplex by Kanellis. Another one. Kanellis sets up two chairs facing towards each other. He goes for a suplex through the chairs...Tozawa blocks it...series of counters from both men...Tozawa wins the exchange...SUPLEX THROUGH THE CHAIRS. Fight spills to the outside again. Tozawa tosses Kanellis over the commentary table! Tozawa reaches under and pulls out a trash can...he places it on top of Kanellis and jumps back into the ring...suicide dive lands! Tozawa gets to the top...missile dropkick! Cover...Kanellis manages to sneak a shoulder out. Tozawa grabs the trash can and sets it up in the center of the ring...he goes to German Kanellis on it but Kanellis has it scouted...firemans carry...samoan driver on top of the trash can! Kanellis goes for the win...Tozawa kicks out! Both men are down.

Back-and-forth striking. Tozawa lands his signature jab...Kanellis with a boot...snap German from Tozawa! He sets Kanellis up and climbs for the senton...Kanellis knocks him to the apron....both men on the apron now...another boot from Kanellis. Tozawa fires off one of his own, then destroys Kanellis with a German suplex on the apron! Tozawa carries Kanellis and places him on the previously set-up two tables. He climbs...Kanellis rolls off and Tozawa retreats from the top. Kanellis with a superkick out of nowhere. Now he puts Tozawa on the tables and climbs...Tozawa meets him up there for a superplex attempt...Kanellis somehow picks him up in a firemans carry position...TOZAWA TURNS IT INTO A FRANKENSTEINER AND THEY BOTH CRASH THROUGH THE TABLES. Tozawa throws Kanellis in the ring...he covers him with chairs...TOP ROPE SENTON. Goodnight sally.

Akira Tozawa wins by pinfall

Maria Kanellis runs out to attend to her husband following a grueling bout. Highlights of the match are shown. Brian Kendrick comes out to celebrate with his friend Tozawa.

That's the show friends.