- This week's WWE SmackDown saw WWE Champion Kofi Kingston win a non-title match over Kevin Owens, in a rematch from Money In the Bank. Above is post-show video of Kofi talking about what last night meant, and how he's now focused on Dolph Ziggler for their match at WWE Super ShowDown. Kofi was asked about the momentum he picked up with the win over Owens. Kofi said he's now moving on from Owens.

"It's all the momentum, man, it's all the momentum that I needed because tonight was not about the championship title, tonight was not about the WWE Title, tonight was about making a statement to Kevin Owens," Kofi said. "And like I said, it was all about making him pay. I don't know why he thinks he can just attack us whenever he wants, you know what I'm saying? Week after week with Woods, attacking Big E and re-injuring his knee, now he's out for God knows how long, man. Tonight was about making a statement to Kevin Owens, to let him know he cannot do what he's been doing to us and more importantly, putting Kevin Owens in the rear-view and putting Dolph Ziggler in front of me because it's all about Dolph right now, and Super ShowDown... we're ready. We're ready."

Kofi was also asked how hard it was to focus on Owens knowing that Ziggler was lurking. He said, "Dolph has made it clear that he's always going to be watching everything I'm doing. So, my eyes... I've got eyes in the back of my head, man. I'm ready for Dolph. I knew he was around, I was ready for him. It's all about Super ShowDown, and that's when the real statement is going to be made. I can't wait."

- Injured WWE Superstar Nia Jax turns 35 years old today while WWE 205 Live Superstar Brian Kendrick turns 40, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle turns 33, former WWE Hardcore Champion Pete Gas of The Mean Street Posse turns 49, former ECW Champion and current WWE coach Steve Corino turns 46 and Nitro Girl Spice turns 46.

- This week's WWE 205 Live episode saw General Manager Drake Maverick a bit distracted from his duties because of the hunt for WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. As seen below, Truth appeared on 205 Live to continue the angle: