It's quite common for wrestlers to use other wrestlers' signature moves. Whether it's to add a new move to their already established collection of maneuvers, or to pay tribute to their idols, one thing that many talents do before they use them is get permission.

Recently, Chris Jericho discussed on his podcast Talk Is Jericho that the "One and Only," Ricochet, asked permission to use one of the current AEW roster members signature move.

"Ricochet actually text me and asked me if he could use the Codebreaker," Jericho said. "He said he was doing a 630, which is this crazy, dippy, flippy, splash, and it was starting to hurt him doing it every night. So, he was looking for something a little less impactful as far as doing something from the top rope, and he asked if he could do the Codebreaker.

"I said absolutely! But you might want to change the name of it. People might think its associated with me, but you know, I haven't been there for two years, so here today gone later today."

Ricochet started using the Codebreaker this past Monday, as he took down Elias during the #1 Contenders Elimination Match on WWE Monday Night RAW.

Even though Jericho stated in the same podcast that matches like Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin for the WWE Universal Championship at Stomping Grounds is just another repeated match and lacks excitement, he believes that Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE United States Championship will be the best match on the card tonight.

"I think Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet has a chance to steal the show," Jericho stated. "Out of the matches listed so far, I think these guys will have the best match. They've got two of my favorites out of the company. I haven't seen a lot of Ricochet's work, but he's got a great build up."

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