As it was reported earlier, Becky Lynch has started back up with her Twitter feud with Edge and Beth Phoenix. Lynch went as far as referencing his relationship with Lita.

Well, the banter between Edge and Becky didn't stop there, because later on, he made fun of her WrestleMania 35 match. Edge wrote, "You actually made Jersey smell worse stinking up the Mania main event like you did. You should focus on improving that instead of stanning me kiddo. But it could work out for ya, maybe Beth can carry you to a decent match Becky Lynch."

After he tweeted that, he tweeted, "Ok while you scramble with your ghostwriter to come up with a comeback and think of the next wrestler you'll rip off Stone Cold Stan Austin, I'm gonna go shine one of my 31 championships. Goodbye Becky Lynch One Belt."

Becky did end up replying back to him, but completely ignored his jab about her match, which he even called her out for ignoring.

Below is their exchange: