The fast food chain Arby's is known for creating works of pop culture inspired art by using their products, which they recently decided to do Jon Moxley. The company created his image by using its Arby's sauce.

Arby's posted the art on several of their social media accounts with the caption, "This is a guy who doesn't have an off switch."

Moxley's wife, WWE Commentator Renee Young responded with a GIF and, "He will be pleased. Roast beef sandwich aficionado." Arby's then responded back with a map and Moxley's head on Daytona Beach, Florida, alluding to the fact that he's in the area for AEW Fyter Fest.

AEW Fyter Fest is taking place at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach tomorrow, June 29. Jon Moxley will be in a match against Joey Janela. The match will also be Moxley's first match for AEW.

Below are both Arby's and Renee Young's posts: