Welcome to the Wrestling Inc recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Salina de la Renta welcomes us her produced episode of MLW Fusion. She says that this week she'll have Low Ki sacrificed to Ricky Martinez, as well Flamita battling Rey Horus. Then, in the main event, Sami Callihan will face Mance Warner in a Falls Count Anywhere loser leaves MLW bout. "Off with their heads," growls Salina ending the segment.

Fusion intro highlighting Salina and Promociones Dorado.

Footage of Sami Callihan and Mance Warner arguing outside of the arena. They both promise that it will be the other man that will leaving. Jimmy Havoc shows up and calms then down, but won't allow them into the building. Callihan is livid. Warner asks Havoc if he's been drinking...Havoc says of course. "Bye guys...life sucks...then you get the sweet release of death," mutters Havoc with a smile on his face.

Inside the arena, Rey Horus makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette officially welcome us to another week of MLW Fusion. Flamita is out second.

Rey Horus versus Flamita

Both men respectfully shake hands prior to locking up. Grapple...nice sequence of lucha wrestling. Horus with a roll up...Flamita counters with one of his own. Each man lands a shoulder block. They stare each other down. "Lucha Libre" chant from the MLW crowd. Flamita with a takedown. Corkscrew headscissor sends Horus to the outside. Flamita to the top rope...moonsault connects! Flamita tosses Horus back inside...dropkick. Snapmare from Flamita. Headlock applied. Horus escapes the hold but Flamita runs right through him with an elbow. Flamita does the "floss" dance for the audience. Pace picks up...Horus catches Flamita with a leg-lariat, followed by a spinning headscissor. Flamita rolls to ringside...tope con hilo from Horus!

Horus targets Flamita's chest with an overhand chop. Discus corner lariat from Horus. He bounces off the ropes....some misdirection...basement dropkick. Flamita fires back with an enziguri. He picks Horus up for a muscle-buster...he turns it into a lungblower. Cover...Horus kicks out. Irish whip...Horus stops his momentum...Flamita charges...Horus sends him into the turnbuckles with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Horus with the pinfall attempt but Flamita gets a shoulder up. Back and forth strikes...Horus wins the exchange...Flamita with a fake-out jab...dropkick by Flamita...Horus rolls through and nails one of his own. Both men are down.

Flamita climbs but Horus yanks out his foot sending him into the turnbuckles. Horus climbs for a tope rope sunset bomb...Flamita blocks it...Horus with a pop-up tornado DDT. Flamita gets right up and catches Horus in a Spanish-Fly. Horus with another DDT. Nearfall. They brawl again...Horus with a frankensteiner but Flamita refuses to stay down. DVD. Flamita climbs...frog-splash. Horus kicks out of the pin attempt. Flamita goes up again...450. That'll do it.

Flamita wins by pinfall

Preview of MLW heavyweight champion "Filthy" Tom Lawlor's upcoming title match with Contra Unit's Jacob Fatu at Kings of Colosseum on July 6th.

Promo from Contra. Simon Gotch says that they are here to destroy, and that the "mighty will fall." Clips of Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu laying MLW stars out.

Cut to the champ. Lawlor says that he has brought in two men to take Contra down. It's Ross and Marshall Von Erich of the legendary Von Erich family. "Us men...are gonna put you guys to sleep," says Lawlor. That match, which will be a tornado tag, is scheduled for next week.

A vignette for Savio Vega is played. He will be coming to MLW soon!

Ricky Martinez comes to the ring, along with Salina de la Renta. Flashback to Contra Unit attacking Low Ki and Ricky Martinez, and Martinez leaving Low Ki to fend for himself. Salina grabs the microphone and calls the Wisconsin crowd a bunch of cheeseheads. She says that tonight will be a public execution. "This is what happens when people cross me." Low Ki's music hits. The former champ methodically makes his way to the ring.

Low Ki versus Ricky Martinez

Low Ki charges at Martinez who immediately flees to the outside. Low Ki in pursuit...he unloads stiff chops onto Martinez's chest, then tosses him back in the ring. Low Ki connects with his signature corner handstand dropkick. Early pinfall attempt...Martinez escapes with ease. Low Ki goes to the ringside to jaw-jack with Salina...Martinez takes advantage with a catapult dropkick. Martinez slams Low Ki off the apron. Back in the ring...basement dropkick by Martinez. Lariat attempt...Low Ki with a crucifix pin...Martinez breaks free and hits a codebreaker. Modified camel clutch applied by Martinez. Low Ki builds momentum...sunset flip into a double-stomp. Both men trying to recover.

Snapmare with pin from Low Ki...Martinez is out at two. Low Ki quickly traps Martinez in a bodyscissor. Low Ki with kicks to Martinez's chest. He charges him in the corner but Martinez gets an elbow up...he moves the ref into Low Ki's path, then connects with a pop-up knee. Martinez calls for his finisher...Low Ki bounces off the ropes...HUGE LARIAT. Martinez is knocked out! Referee calls for the bell.

Low Ki wins by TKO

Salina is livid. She walks right up to Low Ki and they have a very heated conversation. Martinez regains consciousness. He stares at Salina who looks disappointed.

Outside the arena Sami Callihan tries to cut a promo until Mance Warner interrupts him. They promise that they'll have a fight so gross that it will make Jim Cornette have a heart attack. They exchange a spit shake.

Video package highlighting LA Park. Cut to a package on Dr. Wagner Jr, who will be coming to MLW soon.

Backstage Salina argues with Ricky Martinez. She curses him out, says that he embarrassed her, and that she can't deal with him right now because she has an episode to produce.

Announced for next week...Teddy Hart versus Richard Holliday.

Promo from Dynasty. MJF says that the group is as strong as they've ever been. Holliday is just happy to be "hanging with his bros." They all poke fun at Hart's attire, and make a jab at his past with the law. Alexander Hammerstone reminds the group that he has brought them gold, showing off the National Openweight championship to end the segment.

Main event time. Mance Warner is out first...he brings a trash can with him to the ring. Callihan comes second. He walks over to Cornette and spits water in his face. Cornette is irate, and tries taking a swing with his racket at Callihan but misses completely. Callihan charges Warner...here we go.

Mance Warner versus Sami Callihan Falls Count Anywhere Loser Leaves MLW

Callihan smashes Warner with the trash can lid. Chair shot by Callihan. Warner fires off right hands...Callihan responds by tossing him over the barricade. They brawl near the merchandise area, where Callihan sends Warner into a pile of t-shirts. Callihan drops a gate onto Warner. Fight spills to the bleacher seats. Warner and Callihan take turns throwing each other into a fence. Callihan picks Warner up...brainbuster on the bleachers! Pinfall...Warner kicks out. Callihan puts a garbage pale over Warner...Warner uses it to headbutt Callihan to the ground. He charges Callihan, who moves. Callihan whips a chair into Warner's face. He runs Warner into a nearby wall, which knocks over two more garbage pales.

Warner throws a chair at Callihan's head. Both men pick up a plastic knife and fork from the concessions stand and use them as weapons on each other. Warner opens up hot sauce and pours it down Callihan's throat! Callihan spits it back into Warner's face! They finally end up back in the ring...Callihan reaches into the trash can....he has a staple-gun. Sunset flip in but Callihan refuses to go down...he staples Warner in the head. Callihan places the steel trash can over Warner...he picks up a chair and nails Warner. Callihan grabs a few dollar bills from the crowd in the front row. Warner is busted open. Callihan staples a dollar to Warner's arm. He staples one to the other arm. He asks Warner to quit...Warner slaps him. He staples a dollar to Warner's head! Warner hulks up...eye rake...chokeslam through the trash can. Cover...Callihan JUST kicks out.

Warner goes to the outside...he pulls out a board and places it in the ring. Lid shot to Callihan's head. Warner builds a table out of the board and the chairs in the ring. Warner climbs...Callihan runs up and grabs Warner by the groin...Callihan meets Warner up there...TOP ROPE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE. Cover...Warner kicks out! "Holy sh*t" chants. Callihan can't believe it. He grabs another board from under the ring and sets it up in the corner. While Callihan plays to the crowd...Warner comes out of nowhere and spears him through it! Callihan kicks out on the pinfall attempt. They sit across from each other and trade strikes. Callihan spits in Warner's face...Warner reciprocates. Warner sits Callihan down in the chair and climbs to the top...Callihan gets up and throws a chair at Warner's head. Callihan traps Warner...tombstone! Cover...Still not over!

Callihan grabs Warner's tongue and staples it to a piece of broken board. Warner in pain rips it off and smashes the board over Callihan until there's nothing left. Running knee from Warner! Callihan kicks out at one! Another board shot...he puts the board up to Callihan's head...running knee. It's over.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall. Sami Callihan has to leave MLW.

Warner celebrates. Cornette is thrilled that Callihan is gone.

That's the show friends.