An expecting couple supplexed the traditional gender reveal ceremony off the top rope.

In the video below, a referee and his wife put a wresting themed twist on their baby's gender reveal. Richard Wiens is a wrestling referee who is expecting a child with his wife Alanna St. Wiens. As a way to reveal the gender of their new child, Rich refereed a wrestling match between Randy Myers who represented Team Boy and Nicole Mathews who represented Team Girl. The winner of the match represented the gender of the Wien's new child.

Wiens nor anyone else knew who would be winning the gender reveal match except the two wrestlers. After a back and forth four minute bout, Nicole Mathews rolled up Randy Myers for a three count. Wiens hit the three and it was revealed he and his wife would be welcoming a baby girl.

Friends and family were in attendance for the creative ceremony and even began a 'She's-A-Girl!' chant in the rhythm of 'This Is Awe-some!'.

The internet has seen unique wrestling-themed wedding entrances however, as gender reveal parties become increasingly popular within the current generation, it will be entertaining to witness how wrestling fans will incorporate their passion for wrestling into such events.

Bill Taylor contributed to this article.