Ian Riccaboni and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. James Storm and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana make their entrances. 

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match:
Colt Cabana (c) vs. James Storm

They lock up. Storm backs Cabana into the corner. They lock up again. Storm backs Cabana to the ropes. Cabana locks in a headlock, Storm sends him to the ropes. Cabana hits a shoulder block on Storm. Cabana locks in another headlock on Storm. Storm reverses it into a headlock of his own, Cabana sends him to the ropes. Storm hits a hip toss on Cabana. The fight eventually spills out of the ring. Storm pulls up the mat at ringside.

Storm sends Cabana into the ringside barrier. Cabana hits a hip toss on the exposed floor on Storm. Cabana rolls Storm back into the ring. Cabana hits a Moonsault from off the top turnbuckle on Storm. Cabana pins Storm for a two count. The crowd chants "that was three." Storm and Cabana exchange strikes. Storm hits a pair of Last Call Superkicks on Cabana. Storm locks in a Cloverleaf on Cabana. The fifteen minute time limit expires as the bell rings with no winner.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Cabana grabs a microphone after the match. The crowd chants for five more minutes. Storm grabs the NWA National title. Cabana says that all of Chicago knows that he wasn't going to tap out to that. Cabana asks if Storm wants to earn the title. Cabana says that he will give Storm five more minutes. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) attack Cabana from behind. Storm walks out. Jay grabs a microphone. Jay says the hell with the NWA. Jay says that the NWA screwed The Briscoes at the Crockett Cup.

Jay talks about Ring Of Honor having been screwing The Briscoes so now he thinks it's time for them to do some screwing of their own. Mark strikes Cabana several times at ringside. The Briscoes call out Aldis on commentary. Aldis gets up and heads towards the ring. Jay gets out of the ring. Aldis strikes Jay several times before sending him into the ringside barrier. Aldis gets in the ring. Mark stomps Aldis several times. Aldis strikes Mark several times. Jay attacks Aldis from behind. Mark sends Aldis into a boot from Jay.

A video package on Jeff Cobb is shown.

Silas Young makes his entrance. Young grabs a microphone. Young talks about no longer taking short cuts. Young talks about wanting to push himself. Young talks about having found one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Young introduces his opponent, The Squid.

Silas Young vs. The Squid

Young and Squid shake hands. Young takes Squid to the mat with a waist-lock. They exchange wrist-locks. Young takes Squid to the mat again with a headlock takeover. Young eventually hits a shoulder block on Squid. Young locks in an Abdominal Stretch on Squid. Squid taps out.

Winner: Silas Young

Young keeps the Abdominal Stretch locked in after the match as he lights a cigarette and smokes it.

Lifeblood's Mark Haskins makes his entrance. Haskins grabs a microphone. Haskins talks about Ring Of Honor being a place where wrestling matters. Young talks about the formation of Lifeblood. Haskins calls out Bully Ray. Ray comes down to the ring. Ray tells the ring announcer and referee to get out of the ring. They get out of the ring. Haskins asks Ray to please retire.

"Please retire" chants begin. Ray says he tried to retire. Ray questions how he could try to retire again when the fans beg him not to retire. Haskins challenges Ray to a match. ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor & Bully Ray makes his entrance. Tracy Williams runs down to the ring. Williams says that he tired of talking and that they came for a fight. Williams challenges Taylor and Ray to a tag match. Ray accepts.

Lifeblood (Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins) vs. Bully Ray & Shane Taylor

Haskins and Ray stand-off in the ring. The Soldiers Of Savagery come to the ring and attack Williams and Haskins to cause a Disqualification.

Winners Via Disqualification: Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)

Soldiers Of Savagery, continue to assault Williams & Haskins. Taylor sends Williams into the ringside barrier as Ray sets up a table in the ring. PJ Black runs down to the ring with a chair. Black gets a few shots in before receiving a head-butt from Taylor. Soldiers Of Savagery assist Ray in powerbombing Haskins through the table as the show comes to a close.