When Drew McIntyre made his WWE return he went on record by saying some in the WWE locker room are complacent and don't work as hard as they should be. McIntyre said he was one of those people towards the end of his first WWE run and that approach can often affect how they are used by WWE.

Sean Waltman weighed in on those comments and said that people not working as hard as they need to be is one reason why they are under-utilized, but there are also other reasons as well.

"A lot of people might be frustrated okay, but not everyone is not being utilized. One person's reasons for being held back might be totally different than others, right? Some people might have a totally legit gripe; like they are bringing it, doing everything they need to do. They look the part, their gear is good, their in-ring sh*t is good. They just for some reason are not being figured into things and then there are some people that think they are doing everything, but they're really not. They're slipping as far as how they look, their physique, maybe they are uninspired once they get into the ring," stated Waltman on his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast.

Being uninspired was McIntyre's problem during his first run with the promotion. He admits that he was a party boy back then and didn't focus as much on his job as he needed to.

Getting released by WWE in 2014 was a wake-up call and he re-dedicated himself on the indie scene before returning to NXT and eventually to WWE.

"There's different reasons, not everyone is just being held back...And Drew is right, if you're not happy there and you take a chance on yourself, man you gotta put in the f***ing work like Drew did and you gotta be motivated and have a plan and focus. Like a Cody didů. What I am trying to get at is that there are different reasons for people not doing well or not having a good experience and some of that has to do with you. Sometimes not, for me, a lot of the things I complained about when I look back on it, a lot of that had to do with me and my f***ing attitude," revealed Waltman.

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