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* The Undisputed Era comes out for a promo. NXT Champion Adam Cole says they are going to remake NXT in their image and Cole says the show should start like this every week and they throw to a new version of the NXT opening featuring only Undisputed Era. Cole tells the NXT champions to shine the belts up for the rest of Undisputed and nobody can stop them, not even Triple H. NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream interrupts and says the NXT Championship would look amazing paired with his belt. Roderick Strong goes after Dream but Matt Riddle interrupts. Riddle and Cole jawjack and Cole tells Riddle he can go back to writing reviews online for Attitude Era wrestlers. Tyler Breeze interrupts. Tyler says he was talking to Mr. Regal and he doesn't care what is Undisputed or who is better looking, but he does care about Undisputed trying to take credit for a brand that Breeze built before any of them got there. Breeze says it'll be the three of them vs. any 3 of the Undisputed Era in the main event

* Damian Priest defeated Raul Mendoza. Raul fights valiantly, but the former Punishment Martinez catches him on a dive and chokeslams him into the ring apron. Priest with a spin kick and a crossroads for the win

* NXT General Manager William Regal announces the NXT Breakout Tournament, an 8-man single elimination tournament between talent that hasn't been on TV. The winner receives a title shot of their choosing

* Xia Li defeated Taynara Conti. Test of strength to start, the girls trade holds and pin attempts. Xia backs Taynara off with kicks. Taynara takes control. Xia fights back. Taynara ducks a spin kick but Xia hits her on the rebound and gets the pin

* The Undisputed Era's Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish defeated The Velveteen Dream, Matt Riddle and Tyler Breeze. Riddle and Cole start. Good exchange here. Cole rags in Roddy, but Riddle with some gut wrench suplexes. Fish in. Dream tags in. Everything breaks down and Riddle is left alone with UE. Cole hits a backstabber for a 2. Riddle intercepts a Panama Sunrise with a knee and gets a hot tag to Breeze. Breeze runs wild and hits a Beauty Shot on Fish, but they pull him out of the ring. Dream blind tags in and bickers with Breeze, leading to Riddle getting knocked off the apron. Breeze and Dream superkick Cole, but Roddy shoves Dream into Breeze and hits End of Heartache for the win