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Tonight features the debut of Damian Priest, Undisputed Era celebrates, and Xia Li takes on Taynara Conti.

- Undisputed Era make their way out to the ring, Adam Cole has his newly won NXT Championship around his waist. Cole on the mic, says they are taking over and him winning the title were the first step. Anyone who gets in their way will be dealt with. Cole then says they plan on changing up NXT's image and even shows off a new NXT intro video featuring only the Undisputed Era. O'Reilly says it was just a little something he threw together last night, crowd with a "Thank You, Kyle" chant. Cole reiterates that the stable will have all the gold and power in 2019. He says nobody in the locker room, William Regal, or even Triple H will be able to stop them.

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream's music hits. "Adam, no one can touch you? I'd like to touch you," Velveteen Dream says. Dream says Cole looks good with the gold, but it would look amazing on him along with his North American Title. Strong on the mic, tells Dream says he should "dream on" and doesn't deserve the title he's currently wearing. Matt Riddle's music hits, he reminds both Strong and Cole he's beaten both of them. Cole responds, Riddle runs his mouth about things he doesn't know. Riddle interupts and says he knows he's insanely good looking and a stallion. Cole tells him to shut up and says Riddle is jealous of him and all the titles he's worn. He reminds Riddle every time he gets a title shot he drops the ball and should probably go back to writing reviews on the internet of Attitude Era wrestlers. Crowd with a "Goldberg" chant.

Tyler Breeze's music hits and out he strolls. Breeze say he doesn't care about who's undisputed or who is the best looking (he then says it's him). Breeze says what he cares about is Undisputed Era trying to take credit for building a brand that he built long before any of them were around. Breeze then says he spoke with William Regal and it'll be himself, Dream, and Riddle against any three Undisputed Era members in tonight's main event.

- Next week: NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai in Steel Cage Title Match, a first for the women's division.

- Recap shown of Baszler and Shirai's feud. Shirai says he wants to become the champion for the entire women's division. Baszler says she'd love nothing more than to stomp that dream out.

Raul Mendoza vs. Damian Priest

Priest immediately kicks Mendoza back to the corner, lands some strikes, forearm drops Mendoza. Mendoza lands a few punches, gets block, gets his ears clapped, but is able to fight off Priest for a moment. Springboard kick, avoids a clotheslines, springboards over Priest, spinning back kick, and an enziguri lands. Mendoza heads to the top rope, runs the ropes and lands a dropkick that sends Priest to the outside, landing on his feet. Mendoza with a dive to the floor, caught in midair and chokeslammed on the apron. Mendoza with a big spinning kick, rolling cutter hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Damian Priest via Pinfall

- William Regal announces an eight-Superstar, single-elimination NXT Breakout Tournament, featuring talent who has yet to be on NXT TV. The group includes: Jordan Myles (ACH), Boa, Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee), Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (Shane Strickland), Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw), Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock), Angel Garza (Humberto Garza), and Joaquin Wilde (DJZ).

- Vignette for Mia Yim, talks about growing up in SoCal, being in a mixed family (Black/Korean) and not being accepted by others during that time in her life. Thanks to that experience, she's learned how to be on her own and be a leader. After 10 years in the indies she feels she's ready to take on NXT, protect those who need it and fight those who need to be fought. Yim also called out the NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler.

Taynara Conti vs. Xia Li

They shake hands before each attempting some early pinfall attempts. Li goes for a clothesline, blocked into a judo throw. Conti taunts her a bit and Li throws a bunch of kicks that show Conti she's not messing around. Li lands a shotgun dropkick, tries for a kick, misses, Conti with a boot to the back of the leg and throws her back to the mat. Conti with a kick to the head, pin, two, tries again, no luck, sends a big penalty kick to Li's back, cover, two. Conti already showing some frustration, punch to the back, charges the corner, double knees, monkey flip into a pin, two.

Conti with a bunch of punches, cover, two. Conti sends Li face-first into the corner, Conti runs in, nobody home. Li with a sweep kick, more kicks, Li gets sent into the corner, leaps from the second to the third rope and leaps over Conti. Conti turns around, ducks the first kick, but eats a heel kick that comes immediately after, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Xia Li via Pinfall

- NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits talk about next week's match against The Forgotten Sons and how the grind never stops. Street Profits roll past a group of fans while sitting on a car and party it up with some of the NXT Universe.

- Next week: Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza in first-round competition of the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, and Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong

Riddle and Cole get us started. Riddle with a rolling kneebar, Strong runs in to break it up, Cole gets Riddle in the corner with a couple strikes. Fish tags in for a couple strikes. Strong in there now, gets in a chop, but Riddle with two gutwrench suplexes, cover, two. Dream tags in, hits a double ax handle, does a little taunting, lands a dropkick, and slides all the way out to the floor. Strong follows and eats a punch to the face. Dream tries for another double ax handle off the top rope and gets punched. Fish tagged in, doesn't get much offense in, Dream with a running bulldog, goes for a second rope moonsault and his knees basically land on Fish's face, ouch.

Cole and Breeze end up in the ring and Breeze lands a big dropkick on Cole. Riddle gets back in there, fisherman's suplex with the bridge, two. Cole fights off another suplex, ripcord knee strike by Riddle. Everybody is involved now, Riddle with another knee, exploder suplex on Cole. Looks for penalty kick, no, standing moonsault, no, standing senton hits though. Fish runs in from behind and drops Riddle when the referee was distracted. Strong is able to tag in, lands a backbreaker, big chop, another backbreaker, and brings Fish back in.

Fish throws some strikes, inside knee kick, roundhouse kick, Cole tags in. Cole with a bunch of knees to the back. Strong back in, belly-to-back suplex, works over Riddle some more. Fish tags in, float over senton into the ring, snap suplex, cover, two-count. Cole in there now, still working over Riddle. Cole clocks Dream off the apron, Breeze checks on his partner. Cole stomps Riddle's barefoot, looks for an attack off the second rope and gets dropped. Breeze tagged in and he is going after everyone on the other team. Enziguri on Fish, running forearm in the corner, beauty shot hits, cover, Strong drags Fish out to the floor. Breeze looks to fly, Dream tags Breeze's back and he stops. Dream and Breeze are talks while Cole superkicks Riddle. Strong knees Breeze right into Dream, then nails end of heartache on Dream for the victory.

Winners: Undisputed Era via Pinfall

- Post-match, Undisputed Era celebrate a bit as Riddle, Breeze, and Dream all look somewhat frustrated with each other.