As noted before via Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon reportedly handed down an edict in last Monday's pre-RAW production meeting that said there will be no more wrestling during RAW and SmackDown commercial breaks, which is why there were so many 2 of 3 Falls matches last week. It was noted that you can have a match that goes through the commercial break, but there can't be any actual wrestling during the break. The idea is that legitimate sports don't play during their breaks, so WWE is adjusting their match presentation.

In an update, PWInsider adds that all WWE TV matches are now to end within the same segment, and to not run over the course of multiple segments. The edict officially went in to play at last Monday's RAW, which is why a number of matches were so short. The exception to the rule is that matches with multiple falls as each fall would take place per segment, which goes back to the 2 of 3 Falls matches.

WWE is also considering the idea of trying matches with multiple rounds. There's no word yet on if they will move forward with this idea, but it was pitched at some point in the last few weeks. The idea would be similar to the old European rounds system. Impact Wrestling used rounds for the Grand Championship, which was created in late 2016. The concept lasted until early 2018, when it was unified with the World title.