Kiswe Mobile is partnering with Sami Callihan's Pro Wrestling Revolver for an outside the box and historic experience at the "Afraid of the Dark" event tonight. The two-out-of-three falls tables match between Caleb Konley and Andy Dalton will also be the first ever all-interactive pro wrestling match via mobile application. Fans will have the ability to choose weapons each of the participants use via the Ringside Wrestling app.

Konley and Dalton aren't quite sure what to expect since it has never been done before. Dalton, a second-generation performer, is a bit worried, but more excited and anxious to see how it turns out.

"I think it will be more violent than anything we've done before," he said. "It will be unique because fans will have a list of weapons they can get through the App and contribute to the match. It's almost like a real-life video game."

This latest technological advance is another way the industry has been transformed in recent years. Konley, who has worked for a variety of promotions including Impact Wrestling, feels it's a great time to be a fan and performer thanks to the accessibility of streaming services.

"Anyone can be seen by anybody at any time. It opens a lot of doors," he said. "Revolver, it's this local indie company in Iowa. At one time whatever promotion in Texas will be seen in Texas and North Carolina will be seen in North Carolina. Now there is a time where on my social media timelines has people from Japan or UK are watching. Then all of a sudden what was a small indie company is now a national brand."

The two see this milestone battle as the perfect place to cap off a year of build. A story that can potentially conclude in the biggest way possible.

"It has been a learning experience," Dalton said. "What's cool about it and I'm not sure if the people of Revolver are aware of it but my first match there was actually against Caleb. So it digs a little deeper It has been a pleasure working with him. I've learned quite a bit, so I'm excited to see what we can do for this 'blow-off.'"

"It's nice to go into a program and story and be on the same page as far as what we want out of it," Konley added. "We're both are willing to go the extra mile."

When it comes to their future, the opponents are also enjoying the freedom that comes with the classification of being independent. At the same time, they are open to the possibilities of working regularly with a company.

"To me personally, this is my 16th active year," Dalton said. "I like being my own boss and pick where i go or do, but I think maybe if one of the bigger companies presented an opportunity for me while I was able to be on a bigger stage or platform, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I've been on Ring of Honor television, I've been to Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah. I feel like I've had a couple of opportunities, but I feel like I want that one big one to help set me apart and create a platform as well."

"Right now is the best time ever to have an actual option. At the same time, it's nice to have a little safety blanket, to not worry so much about where your next spot will be."

Moving forward to what's coming up is this anticipated almost experiment. Scanning the list and thinking about the possibilities, Konley does hope fans don't decide on certain options.

"I don't want to land on Legos," he said. "I've done thumbtacks and barbed wire and that sucks, but also I have many a times woken up in the middle of the night and stepped on a Lego. And it's the s---s."

"I'm not too keen on barbed wire," Dalton said. "I know it''s going to sound silly, but I don't mind light tubes, but I do not like barbed wire. One of the weapons on the list I suggested and they were kind of like were taken aback by. But me being an old school wrestling fan, I suggested a plastic bag straight out of Terry Funk and Ric Flair. So I think it will make for a different kind of match to say the least."

Realizing if he put it out there, fans may actually choose Legos, he decides to change his choice. "You know what I really hate? I hate ice cream sundaes."

Dalton also changes his response. "I do not like potato chips. Please do not vote for potato chips."