Corey Graves took to Twitter after this week's WWE RAW and commented on his "Holy s--t!" slip of the tongue after the stage explosion angle with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. As heard below, Graves' slip was the first thing heard on the USA Network broadcast after the crash and the pyro.

It's interesting to note that Graves was not bleeped out with the delay that production has. This could have been left in to add to the seriousness of the angle, or the recent efforts to make RAW seem edgier. There's no word yet on if the line was scripted for Graves to say, but it's possible.

Graves tweeted about the slip and joked that he would be fined. He wrote, "Thinking of starting a GoFundMe page for this fine...."

Renee Young responded to that tweet and joked with Graves, telling him to pay up. You can see their tweets and the slop below: