Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s recap of GCW 5150: A Tribute To Homicidestreaming live via Fite.tv. Today's event takes place at the Villain from Brooklyn New York. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Show opens with a video of Homicide walking around Brooklyn with Jay Z's Empire State of Mind playing in the background. Homicide says his body has been broken, his face scared, his blood shed in this business, but he'd do it all again because he loves professional wrestling. He takes the camera around to some of his favorite places in the area, sharing stories and wrestlers that he's faced during his historic run. He admits that he's always wanted to be the next Terry Funk or Bruiser Brody, but instead he became the first Homicide. He puts over the talent at GCW, which ends the segment.

Loud GCW chants from the crowd. Larry Legend is introduced as the ring announcer, and welcomes the Brooklyn crowd before thanking all those tuning in on Fite TV. He says that our opening bout will be contested under Brooklyn Street Fight rules.

Jimmy Lloyd makes his way to the ring. Crowd gives him a warm ovation. He'll be facing...Matt Travis. Travis enters wearing a mask, and tosses money into the audience.

Jimmy Lloyd versus Matt Travis Brooklyn Street Fight

Lloyd opens with a pump kick. Travis fires one right back. Quick takedown and standing moonsault from Travis for an early pinfall. Both men unload forearms onto each other...Lloyd wins the exchange with a roundhouse. Double-lariat, followed by a double head kick and both men are rocked. Lloyd catches Travis with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles. Travis responds with a German suplex. Roundhouse and back suplex in succession by Travis. He plays to the crowd...Lloyd takes advantage and hits a dragon suplex. He picks Travis up...tiger bomb for a nearfall. Fight spills to the outside. Travis uses the van parked at ringside to connect with a tornado DDT. Travis climbs on top of the van...shooting star press connects onto a standing Lloyd. "GCW" chants fill the arena. Back in the ring...Travis climbs to the top...Lloyd with an enziguri....he meets Travis at the top...brainbuster off the turnbuckle! Mexican destroyer! Lloyd with the cover...got em!

Jimmy Lloyd wins by pinfall

Larry Legend back in the ring. He introduces the next bout as a tag -team extravaganza. Philly's Most Wanted (Joker, Jeez) are out first. They'll be facing...Beast Squad (Kyle the Beast, Monsta Mac).

Philly's Most Wanted versus Beast Squad

KTB and Jeez start. Jeez argues with a fan. KTB attacks him from behind. Irish whip into the corner. Roll-through lariat, followed by a big powerslam. Jeez tries to slow KTB down with chops but KTB reciprocates. KTB off the ropes...big shoulder block. Jeez runs the ropes this time and drops KTB with a single-leg dropkick. Joker tags in. He asks for Monsta Mac. KTB gives him what he wants and tags Mac in. Mac and Joker unload strikes on each other...neither man can gain an advantage. Joker builds up momentum for a lariat...Mac catches him in a powerslam. Beast Squad with a double-shoulder block. KTB back in and connects with a jumping headbutt. Cover...only two. KTB trash-talks Jeez, who slaps him from the apron. Joker takes advantage of the distraction and drops KTB with a vertical suplex. Jeez tags and stays on the apron...springboard plancha. Philly's Most Wanted in control.

Joker kicks Mac in the head, then traps him in the corner. Mac slaps his way out and slows Joker down with a headbutt. Mac attempts to climb to the middle-rope...Joker hits a vicious headbutt of his own. Quick tag to Jeez. He nails KTB on the apron, then climbs to the top...Mac crotch drops him. Mac with a superplex. Crowd cheering for him to make the hot tag to KTB. He does! KTB comes in hot...big lariat. Another one. He picks up Joker and Jee with a Samoan/drop fallaway slam combo sending Philly's Most Wanted to the outside. Suicide dive from KTB. Back in the ring...Jeez catches KTB with a codebreaker, and holds him in position for Joker to hit a top rope knee drop. Somehow KTB escapes the pinfall attempt.

All four men in the ring now. Jeez goes for a sunset flip pin on Mac but he can't get the big man over. Joker charges...Mac catches him and Michinoku drivers him onto Jeez! KTB sets up a door in the corner. He picks up Jeez for a buckle-bomb...Jeez with a Lil Jimmy facebuster onto KTB. Mac spears Jeez through the door! Joker gets his hands on a broken piece and tries to smash KTB...KTB gets a hold of it...he swings but accidentally hits Mac! KTB doesn't lose focus...he nearly wins the match with a springboard moonsault, then asks for another door. Mac and KTB have an argument about the door spot. Mac leaves the ring and walks to the back leaving KTB on his own. Joker with a back suplex...Jeez hits a frog-splash...it's over.

Philly's Most Wanted wins by pinfall

Post match, Jeez asks for the music to be cut off. He says, "It's all about Philly. F**k New York." Loud boos as the he and Joker leave with a victory.

Matthew Justice is out next for the third match of the day. It'll be a singles-bout against...Eddie Kingston.

Matthew Justice versus Eddie Kingston

Tie-up. Kingston with a headlock. Off the ropes...big shoulder tackle from Kingston. Justice comes back with a big boot sending Kingston to the outside. Justice in quick pursuit...Kingston with thunderous chops lighting up Justice's chest. Eventually, Justice gains control and unleashes a flurry of chops. Back inside, Justice stomps Kingston down in the corner. Kingston unable to string any offense together...Justice with more strikes. Running hip attack drops Kingston to the mat again. Justice goes for a suplex...Kingston counters with an overhead belly-to-belly. Fight spills to the apron...Justice teases a DVD...Kingston slips behind Justice and lands a reverse DDT on the apron!

Kingston just beats the count. Another flurry of strikes onto Justice. Sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall by Kingston. Justice back to his feet...he drops Kingston with an inverted DDT. Kingston rolls outside to regroup...Justice with a suicide dive. Another one. He goes to the apron...running cannonball connects. He hits a top rope knee to the head and goes for a pin...Kingston grabs a rope to break things up. Justice grabs a chair and a door, setting it up in the ring. Kingston uses the chair, then hits a running elbow. Justice hulks up! Kingston sets the chair up in the middle...Justice with a DVD sending Kingston through the chair! Cover...Kingston escapes. Justice back on the attack...he goes for a DVD through the door...Kingston counters...back suplex into the door. Cover...only one! Kingston lands a discus elbow, then a backhand. It's over.

Eddie Kingston wins by pinfall

Afterwards Kingston shows Justice a sign of respect, and gets the fans to chant his name. Kingston reveals to the crowd that he thought about committing suicide two years ago, but says that Homicide talked him out of it. Loud cheers from the crowd for this. He says that Homicide believed in him, and it helped him believe in himself. He ends the segment by calling Homicide his best friend, and thanks the fans for supporting a legend.

Larry Legend announces the next bout as a fatal-four way. Nate Webb is out first. He gets the crowd to sing his theme song, as he parties with them in the crowd and all over the arena. Eventually he gets into the ring, and plays Larry Legend's leg like a guitar. Grim Reefer is next, followed by Sanchez and Teddy Hart.

Nate Webb versus Grim Reefer versus Sanchez versus Teddy Hart

Sanchez and Webb taunt each other at the top. It turns into a shoving contest. Sanchez with a sucker punch. Webb responds with one of his own. Reefer and Hart jump in with strikes. Everyone ends up on the outside. Sanchez with a suicide dive. Webb goes for one but Sanchez cuts him off with an eye-poke. Double-stomp from the top by Sanchez. Reefer suplexes Sanchez over the ring ropes. Hart unloads knees onto Reefer...lungblower into a straight jacket submission. Webb dumps Sanchez with a flatliner. Hart shows off his impressive arsenal of moves with a butterfly canadian destroyer, then hits a powerbomb lungblower onto Sanchez. Asai moonsault from Hart onto the lot. Crowd really into Hart.

Reefer sets up a guardrail on the side of the ring. Hart traps Webb and Sanchez in the ropes and drops them both on their head with a piledriver/DDT combo. Reefer catches Hart with an uppercut but Hart walks on Reefer's back and nails a code-red. Meanwhile Sanchez connects with a Spanish-fly onto Webb. He picks Webb up...Sanchez walks the ropes for a very impactful tornado DDT. Sanchez puts Reefer on the top rope...Reefer catches him...burning hammer onto the guardrail! Hart out of nowhere with a top rope Canadian destroyer. He walks the ropes...moonsault lands onto Sanchez. That'll do it.

Teddy Hart wins by pinfall

Hart celebrates. Prince Nana comes out. He tells the DJ to cut that stupid music, and yells at the crowd for not getting on their knees and kissing the floor at his arrival. After playing to the crowd...he tells Hart that he's better than any other GCW wrestler, including Homicide. He says that if Hart wants to be a big star, they need to join forces. Crowd cheers at the idea. Hart takes the mic. He says he may not have made it to the big time, but he has a mansion, a nice car, and three p---y cats. He calls GCW fans the greatest in North America. With that said, Hart agrees to join with Nana! Crowd can't believe it!

Webb and Sanchez take a moment to thank Homicide. Reefer shakes Sanchez's hand. Reefer says he's been with Homicide since day one, and calls Homicide the Godfather of wrestling. Loud chants for Homicide.

Next matchup will be between Deranged, Azrieal, Ophidian, Black Xemish, Gringo Loco, Laredo Kid, and Ghost Shadow.

Deranged versus Azrieal versus Ophidian versus Gringo Loco versus Laredo Kid versus Ghost Shadow

Superkicks to start. Kid cathes Loco with an enziguri. Ophidian with a frankensteiner. Snap suplex by Kid, followed by a standing vertical suplex from Xemish. Deranged pulls Kid to the outside breaking up a suicide dive. Ghost shadow shows off his athleticism with a headscissor and a rope walking arm-drag. Deranged responds with an arm-drag of his own. Xemish attempts to attack from behind but Deranged with a twisting headscissor. Xemish then dumps Deranged over the top rope with a military press. Azrieal sneaks in with a half-crab. Ophidian connects with a superkick. Action all over the place. Ophidian baits Azrieal in...leg sweep from the apron. Loco gets caught with a springboard frankensteiner. Electric chair drop from Loco. Kid jumps in...pace picks up. Superkick stuns Loco. Xemish and Ghost Shadow work each other over. Xemish drops him to the outside. He takes out the lot with a springboard plancha.

Deranged climbs to the top...Kid meets him up there...top rope frankensteiner onto the other competitors at ringside. Loud GCW chants. Back in the ring...Azrieal connects with a cutter and superkick. Loco jumps in with his signature middle rope cutter. Ophidian goes for a springboard maneuver but Kid cuts him off with a frankensteiner. Ghost Shadow with a modified twisting muscle buster. Deranged catches Shadow with a spike frankensteiner for the pinfall victory.

Deranged wins by pinfall

A brief intermission takes place.

Back from break. Larry Legend announces that the 5150 over the top rope battle royal is about to take place. A large group of no-name competitors fill the ring. Bull James is one of the named participants, which also includes Crazy Ivan, Jordan Oliver, Colby Corino, Jimmy Rave, and Shlak.

5150 Battle Royal

Match opens with a chaotic brawl. Bull James and Shlak are the standouts, working the smaller unknown talents over. Slowly the ring becomes less and less clear, but there's no great camera view to show every elimination. James with a double-lariat elimination. Shlak gorilla presses someone. Corino teams up Papa Don to wear down Shlak. They switch back and forth between him and James. James nearly eliminated Corino but Papa Don saves him. They try to dump James, but he's too big. Eventually the numbers prove too much and James gets dumped by Jimmy Rave. Shlak with a stiff strike that sends Corino out for an elimination. Shlak tosses Papa Don. It's just Shlak and Jimmy Rave left. They trade strikes...Rave with a big slap, Shlak stuns him with one of his own. Prince Nana distracts Shlak...he gets pushed through the middle ropes. Ring announcer says the match is over but the referees calls it off. Corino, Papa Don, Nana, and Rave all give Shlak a beatdown. Jimmy Rave is officially the winner after some confusion. Honestly this whole thing was a mess.

Jimmy Rave wins the 5150 Battle Royal

Joey Janela is out for his match with Low Ki. He calls out Xavier, a former ROH competitor, for being a has-been. Janela refers to himself as the best wrestler in the world and bets that Low Ki isn't even in the arena. Xavier enters the ring and gets in Janela's face. Xavier grabs the microphone and says that Janela know how to run his mouth, but he knows how dangerous Low Ki is, and that there's a reason they call him the professional. Ki makes his entrance, and this one is underway.

Joey Janela versus Low Ki

Janela with a running elbow. He puts the pressure on Low Ki with strikes in the corner. Low Ki responds with his signature handstand dropkick from the corner. Janela shakes it off and traps Low Ki in the ropes choking him. Low Ki manages to take control, and unloads stiff kicks onto Janela's chest. Janela flips him off, which Low Ki makes him pay for with a kick to the head. As Low Ki goes to pick Janela up, he gets whipped to the outside and hits the guardrail. Janela does some damage on the outside, then tosses Low Ki back in the ring for a nearfall. Janela with forearms in the corner. Hard Irish-whip sends Low Ki into the turnbuckles hard. Low Ki blocks a fishermans suplex, and responds with a suplex of his own sending Janela right onto the Homicide 187 logo. Crowd evenly split on this brawl.

Back and forth striking. Low Ki mounts Janela in the corner...vicious elbows to the head. Janela powerbombs Low Ki out of the corner with a pin...two count. Janela misses a moonsault...Low Ki takes advantage...shotgun dropkick. He climbs to the top...Janela pushes the ref into the ring ropes which sends Low Ki to the outside. Both men on the apron...Janela goes for a DVD...Low Ki escapes and faceplants Janela with a right hand. Jawbreaker by Janela. He grabs a door from under the ring and sets it up in the turnbuckles. Janela with a snap German catapulting Low Ki through the door. Somehow Low Ki kicks out on the pin attempt. Janela climbs...top rope elbow. Cover...only two again! Janela now pulls out two chairs and another door. Chairshot to Low Ki's back. Janela builds a table with the door and the chairs. Janela sets Low Ki up for a piledriver from the top rope...Low Ki turns it into a samoan driver through the table! That'll do it.

Low Ki wins by pinfall

After a quick ring cleanup, we're ready for one of our main events, featuring the man of the hour, Homicide. LAX (Santana and Ortiz) is out first, followed by the LAX OG'z (Homicide and Hernandez). Their music cuts out. Homicide pokes fun at the "music guy" for being bad at his job. He says that he's very grateful and humble for everyone's support and for attending the event. Big ovation for both teams. Here we go.

LAX versus LAX OG'z

Brawl to start. Fight immediately falls to ringside. Santana grabs a chair and lays Homicide out, then directs it to Hernandez. Homicide corners Ortiz near the barricade for a choke. He flings a chair at his head. Meanwhile, Hernandez slams Santana onto the apron. Back in the ring...Homicide connects with a big elbow but gets caught in a powerslam for a nearfall. Ortiz wears Homicide down. LAX mocks the OG'z. This angers Homicide, who ties Orti to the mat and attempting to apply an STF. Santana breaks it up. LAX with their signature tandem offense onto Homicide. Finally, he manages to make the hot tag to Hernandez. Hernandez comes in hot. Back body drop to Santana. Homicide and Ortiz join and all four men brawl once again. Boston Crab by Homicide...Santana in trouble...he makes it to the ropes with the help of Ortiz. They try to regroup on the outside...tope con hilo from Homicide! They go through a door that was set up from earlier.

Back in the ring...Hernandez and Santana trade strikes. Santana with a charge but he gets caught by the OG'z for another nearfall. Hernandez and Santana battled in the ring. Hernandez was kicked off during a charge. Santana charged but was caught. Hernandez and Homicide wiped him out but Ortiz broke up the pinfall. Santana woped out Hernandez with a big cannonball in the corner...only two. They built to Hernandez hitting a big dive over the top to the floor. Homicide covered Ortiz for a two count. Magic went after Hernandez on the floor. Homicide called for a lariat but was caught and nailed with a pop-up powerbomb by Ortiz for a two count. On the floor, Santana attacked Hernandez with a screwdriver. Ortiz charged Homicide but was caught with the Gringo Killer for a two count. Homicide locked on the STF and forced Ortiz to tap.

LAX OG'z win by submission

Post match Homicide makes another speech when the Embassy, led by Prince Nana come out for a beatdown. Teddy Hart joins in on the attack to the crowd's surprise, proving that he is fully loyal to his new faction. Eventually the OG'z, along with LAX, are able to retake control and gain the upperhand, then mock Prince Nana with a beatdown.

Main event time. Nick (you know his middle name) Gage defends the gold against Louie Ramos. Here we go.

Nick Gage versus Louie Ramos for the GCW Championship

Crowd soley behind Gage. Brawling to start. Gage with a shoulder block, followed by a sidewalk slam. He uses the broken door from the previous segment to beat Ramos down. Ramos slides to the corner...facewash kick by Gage. Ramos is busted open. Gage gets a hold of a pizza cutter and runs it over Ramos' head. It opens the wound up more. The match is stopped and Ramos is brought to the back for losing so much blood. It's announced that the athletic commission would not allow the bout to continue.

Nick Gage wins due to stoppage and retains the GCW Championship

Jimmy Lloyd would come out and challenge Gage on the spot. Seems like they are trying to do what they can to make sure the crowd gets a good fight. They brawl. Gage screams "F**k the New York State commission." Big lariat to Lloyd back in the ring. He pins him.

Gage would then apologize to the crowd, but quickly acknowledges that New York is the home of Homicide. Homicide comes out. Both men show great signs of respect by putting the other over. One more thank you to the fans.

That's the show friends.