Welcome to Wrestling INC's live coverage of Major League Wrestling's Kings of Colosseum event, streaming live via beIN Sports. Today's show takes place from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. Our very own Nick Hausman is on-site for tonight's event, and will be providing updates on social media. Feel free to follow along and sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!

MLW song intro

Rich Bocchini from the control center hypes up the evening's card, including "Filthy" Tom Lawlor defending the MLW Heavyweight championship against Contra Unit's Jacob Fatu.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to Kings of Colosseum from a sold out Cicero Stadium in Chicago Illinois. Cornette says he'll be interviewing Promociones Dorado leader Salina de la Renta later on in the evening. Ring announcer Timothy Barr introduces the competitors to our first matchup, which is Alexander Hammerstone's open challenge (hammer-challenge) for his MLW National Openweight championship. Hammerstone is out first, accompanied by the rest of Dynasty (Aria Blake, Richard Holliday, MJF). Before his opponent is introduced...Hammerstone cuts a promo. He calls the live crowd a bunch of sweat-hogs, and says he is the representation of a true American hero.

His opponent...Kotto Brazil. MJF joins Cornette and Bocchini at the commentary table.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Kotto Brazil for the MLW National Openweight championship

Hammerstone charges Brazil...Brazil uses his speed to evade the big man. He connects with a kick, then rolls Hammerstone up for a one-count. Headscissor and dropkick in succession from Brazil, but Hammerstone barely moves. Brazil tries to wear Hammerstone down with a rear-chinlock...Hammerstone drops him with a gordbuster. Huge running boot by Hammerstone nearly decapitates Brazil. Hammerstone picks Brazil up...overhead suplex. Brazil with a comeback...Hammerstone catches a basement dropkick attempt and slams Brazil hard into the mat. He calls for the nightmare pendulum...Brazil has it scouted...thrust kick lands. Brazil bounces off the ropes...twisting tornado DDT! Crowd loving this. Brazil starts stringing together offense...enziguri...big chop...he climbs...missile dropkick takes Hammerstone down. Brazil to the top again...frog splash! Cover...Hammerstone escapes with ease. Brazil climbs again...Holliday distracts him from the outside. Hammerstone takes advantage and meets Brazil at the top...stalling superplex. He picks Brazil up...Nightmare Pendulum. That'll do it.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship

Post-match, MJF grabs a mic. Loud "a**hole" chants before he even speaks. MJF commends Hammerstone on his title defense, then addresses the audience whom he insults several times. MJF challenges the Hart Foundation for the tag team championship on behalf of Dynasty.

Commentary hypes up the main event between Lawlor and Fatu, and reminds the viewers that Contra Unit debuted in this very stadium (Cicero) a few months ago. Cornette says he's scared to death of what may happen.

Backstage, Simon Gotch says that Jacob Fatu is going to run right through Tom Lawlor. The door behind Gotch opens...it's Tom Lawlor! They brawl! Lawlor beats him down and smashes his head in the door. Lawlor then looks right in the camera. "Josef Samael...Jacob Fatu...tonight the door closes on Contra!"

We got to our first commercial of the night.

Back from break..commentary reminds us that MLW recently announced it's first ever PPV, which will take place in November in Chicago.

Myron Reed is out next for our next matchup. He's accompanied by Jordan Oliver. They both wear the #Justice tape around their mouths. Reed will be facing Rey Horus, who is out second.

Rey Horus versus Myron Reed

Reed opens things up with a kick to Horus' knee. Pace picks up...Horus catches Reed with a single-leg dropkick. Horus bounces off the ropes...Reed rolls to the outside to regroup. Oliver gives him a pep talk before he jumps back into the ring. They reset. Tie-up. Horus with a jumping frankensteiner, followed by another dropkick. Reed slides to the ringside again...Horus goes for a suicide dive but Oliver grabs his foot. Reed tries to take advantage...Horus hears him coming and catches his boot...enziguri from Reed. He works Horus over before tossing him to the outside. With the referee's back turned Oliver unloads a series of strikes onto Horus. Crowd boos.

Back in the ring...Horus retakes control with a top rope arm-drag. Horus goes for a suicide dive...he slides out and instead hits a springboard catapult kick. Oliver comes in but Horus dumps him. Horus then takes them both out with a tope con hilo over the referee. Loud lucha chants! Fights travels back inside...discus corner lariat by Horus. Reed fires right back with an elbow. Horus tricks Reed into chasing him around the ring...guillotine leg drop from the top nearly wins it. Horus goes for a superplex...Reed turns it into a stunner. Back and forth striking in the center...Reed wins the exchange with a pump kick...pace picks up again...Horus catches Reed with a Spanish-Fly for a nearfall. Oliver with another distraction...Reed connects with a springboard uppercut from the other side of the ring. That's enough to keep Horus down.

Myron Reed wins by pinfall

Backstage, new reporter Georgia Smith is interviewing The Hart Foundation. (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart) Smith Jr. says they accept Dynasty's title challenge but under one stipulation...the match will be a ladder match. They also announce that they as a faction can defend the titles FreeBird style...and that Brian Pillman Jr. will be competing in Smith's spot. Pillman appears and thanks Hart and Smith for the opportunity, and promises to make them proud, as he is fighting for his families legacy.

Commercial break.

Jim Cornette welcomes Salina del la Renta to the ring for an interview. Cornette commends Salina as being the first latino female executive producer for a wrestling program, and is only 22-years old. Salina says she speaks three languages, and also just won an award. Cornette asks if her Promociones Dorado enforcer, LA Park, will be in the arena to cash-in his Battle Riot Golden Ticket. Salina calls Cornette and the live audience fools if they think she's going to reveal that. The conversation shifts to Konnan. Salina calls Konnan weak for not being able to keep his stars in MLW, and that he could never please a woman. She reminds the MLW crowd that Konnan was stabbed on live television the last time he was here.

Konnan appears to a loud ovation. After jabbing at each other, Konnan assures Salina that he has new luchador acquisitions that he's going to bring to make Salina's life a living hell. Salina fires back, revealing that she has a secret that will ruin Konnan's career, and if he pushes her, she's willing to exploit it. Segment ends with Salina slamming the microphone into Konnan's arms.

Footage of Tom Lawlor's attack on Simon Gotch from earlier in the night is shown. Main event still to come.


Vignette for Doctor Wagner Jr. Clips of his success in AAA is played hyping his MLW debut.

Commentary still talking about the possible dirt that Salina de la Renta has on Konnan.

Cut-to Dynasty who are laughing at the fact that Brian Pillman Jr has been put into the tag title match. However, MJF looks visibly distraught once he learns that the bout will be a ladder match. Holliday tells him that he's so tall it'll be easy for him to grab the titles and give Dynasty all the gold.

Footage of Contra Unit's destruction on the MLW locker room since their debut.


Main event time. A lineage of the MLW Heavyweight champions is shown prior to the wrestler introductions. Contra Unit's music hits. The challenger, Jacob Fatu makes his way to the ring accompanied by Josef Samael. (Simon Gotch was attacked earlier and is nowhere to be seen for now.) Salina de la Renta sits in the front row. The champ is out second. Here we go.

Tom Lawlor versus Jacob Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight championship

Brawl to start. Lawlor with right hands...Fatu drops him with a haymaker. He goes for a lariat...Lawlor ducks but Fatu dumps him to the apron, then sends him into the barricade with a running shoulder bump. Fatu in quick pursuit...he whips Lawlor off the guardrail. Fatu chokes the champ with cable wires. He takes Lawlor over to the timekeepers area...and slams his head off the table. Back in the ring...Fatu unleashes a series of headbutts onto Lawlor that sends him to the mat. Powerslam from Fatu. He climbs the middle-rope...he misses a flying headbutt attempt. Lawlor tries to apply the rear-naked choke...Fatu powers him off. Lawlor gets on him again...again he gets tossed. Spinning heel kick and dropkick in succession from Lawlor. Choke is in...Fatu breaks the choke by ramming Lawlor into the turnbuckles. Lawlor goes for a crossbody...Fatu catches and plants him. Fatu goes for the moonsault...Lawlor moves. Ref gets distracted by Samael...Lawlor with a low-blow! Sunset flip from Lawlor...he can't get Fatu over...Lawlor with a PK. Another. Fatu hulks up! He begs for Lawlor to hit him. Guillotine choke from Lawlor...Fatu cartwheels out of the way...handspring moonsault! Cover...Lawlor just kicks out.

Fatu charges Lawlor in the corner but misses. Lawlor with a corner lariat. Flurry of strikes. Spinning corner lariat. A second. He bounces off the ropes...superkick by Fatu. Pop-up samoan drop. Fatu climbs...Moonsault lands! It's over!

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall to become the new MLW Heavyweight champion

Post-match, Fatu celebrates with Samael. They hold the Contra flag up and parade around the ring. Commentary reminds us that Fatu is not even officially signed to MLW, and they don't know what this means for the promotions future.

That's the show friends.