On Saturday evening, EVOLVE Wrestling celebrated it's 10th year anniversary by putting on a live event to celebrate it's legacy. In that show, new champions were crowned leaving fans speechless, as well as their opponents.

The first title change went to AR Fox & Leon Ruff for the EVOLVE Tag Team Championships. When the match first started, it looked like Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy were going to retain their championships. Little did they know that Fox and Ruff would bounce back after the brutal attacks they endured and walk out of the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, champions.

In addition to their new win, Austin Theory can now call himself a two belt champion, after picking up both the EVOLVE and WWN Championships against JD Drake. Both men put forth one of the toughest yet emotional match ups of the night.

After his win, Theory announced that anyone who wants to live their dream and be the new champion will have to step to him. Josh Briggs, who won his match earlier in the night against Anthony Greene came out and chokeslammed Theory. He then raised the EVOLVE Championship above his head, possibly foreshadowing what could be a great feud in the future.

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