Earlier today on Instagram, nZo shared a flyer for Northeast Wrestling that included WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. In his Instagram post, he said that he and Kurt Angle have a lot in common. Some of his reasonings included they were both champions, both stood in front of thunderous crowds chanting their names, and that they were both retired.

In the post, he also talked about how maybe the promoter Mikey Lombardi could entice not one but both of them out of retirement and then he wrote, one more match twice.

His full quote was, "Well whadda we got over here???! A stacked-card??! Hmmmm..... @TheRealKurtAngle me & you we share a lot in common, ????. 'e've stood in front of thunderous crowds chanting our names, beloved, hated, either way: #Champions. Both of us #Great, and both of us..... #Retired "Oh It's True" ... it's #DamnTrue! .... or is it??? I don't need anybody to twist my Jordan, but perhaps Mikey Lombardi the promoter @northeastwrestling has something enticing enough to get 1 of us... or maybe both of us out #Retirement??? #OneMoreMatch????! #OneMoreMatch!!???? (7:30 p East Wood Field #NilesOhio @northeastwrestling ???? For tix & info visit #NorthEastWrestling.com!)"

nZo did get some backlash for comparing himself to Kurt Angle. One Instagram user wrote, "You're nowhere near close to Kurt's level. Never in a million years." nZo did respond to the comment by saying that he could have won an Olympic gold medal, no problem.

He also made it clear to another user who joked about him not making it on the flyer, that he never said he was coming to the Wrestling Under The Stars event.

Below is nZo's post: