- Sheamus trains with Aiden English in the 86th episode from his Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel, as seen above.

Sheamus wrote, "WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here... He's known as the man with the majestic voice that announced Rusev Day to the world but there's a lot more to fellow Day-Walker Aiden English. First of all, the guy is an absolute animal in the gym and a damn fine grappler inside the squared-circle. Plus, we share a love for whiskey and an aversion to direct sunlight. Yup. There was a time when I was the lone pasty fella in the WWE. I flew into Chicago recently to do a thing for M&Ms and had an hour to kill, so I phoned-up Chi Town native Aido to see if we could get a quick Brave Change workout in. And hell, did Mr English deliver with a few sets of exercises that blew my mind and blew me up. Really innovative sequences of tough training techniques that I'd challenge even the most experienced gym-goer to nail first time 'round. Aiden English is a man after my own heart and someone who's never afraid to... Brave Change. "

- A new "Table For 3" episode will premiere on the WWE Network after Monday's RAW goes off the air, featuring The Hardy Boys and WWE producer "Hurricane" Shane Helms. Below is the synopsis for the thirty-minute episode:

"'Hurricane' Helms and the Hardys discuss their friendship, North Carolina roots and the creative fire that has fueled their stellar careers."

- As noted, WWE has announced Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens for tonight's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Ziggler took to Twitter before the announcement and posted the following.

"wwe paid me to be in Philadelphia, anyway + I get a bonus for fighting anyone. Could care less, but if you can make it in/you're on k.o," he wrote.