When WWE Legends come back to interact with current Superstars, the hope is that they can help build the star power of the current Superstars by being positioned together. Whether it's a quick match such as the series of squashes done with Heath Slater years ago, an in-ring segment like when Mick Foley comes back to hype up a Hell In A Cell match, or pre-taped segments that can occur in other locations around the arena or in the town. With the RAW Reunion coming Monday, over 30 WWE Legends will return to interact with each other and current Superstars. Keeping in mind the names that have been announced for the show, their history as characters, and personal history, here are the top five ways to use the WWE Legends at WWE's RAW Reunion to build current feuds and superstars while wading into the nostalgia pool. The videos posted above each should provide some precedent and context to ground these ideas into WWE storytelling. In the comments below, share what you'd like to see on the RAW Reunion.

5. WWE Legends win the 24/7 Title

There is a tremendous opportunity for multiple legends to hold the 24/7 title throughout the night. Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Mick Foley, Booker T, and Road Dogg all held the WWF Hardcore Championship: the original title with a 24/7 rule. Any one of these guys could win the championship for a brief moment. Brisco has one of the most famous wins by pinning Crash Holly in his sleep. Drake Maverick could get a boost from a chat with Christian about taking risks to get what you want while R-Truth could spend some time with Santino discussing disguises. Maverick could visit Ted DiBiase to talk about buying the championship but Sgt. Slaughter will intervene to order Maverick to win the title fair and square. Rikishi could also distract R-Truth with a dance break at anytime. There's no rule that states that women can't hold the 24/7 Championship, so Alundra Blayze, Kelly Kelly, or Melina could certainly insert themselves into the mix here as well with Lillian Garcia providing a distraction to help her fellow females.

4. A RAW Reunion party at a local tavern featuring the Becky Lynch & Natalya feud

Cold open: wide shot of a bar in Tampa. Cut to the interior of the bar where a banner reads "RAW Reunion". The camera flows through the bar showing the size of the party. Hurricane Helms & Christian sing "Tequila" with Lucha House Party on the karaoke stage. While Hogan, The Outsiders, & Eric Bischoff shoot pool against DX. The Street Profits join The Godfather and Mark Henry, serving them some beverages in red cups. Kurt Angle plays darts with Chad Gable and Sgt. Slaughter. Ric Flair is shown holding court with Lillian Garcia, Kelly Kelly, The Miz, The Million Dollar Man, Robert Roode, EC3 and Cesaro. The camera lands on Stone Cold and Becky Lynch sitting at the bar having a couple of pints. Stone Cold tells Becky that he likes her style and the two clink glasses. As Stone Cold starts to drink, Becky's head is pulled back by Natalya. Natalya yanks Becky to the floor by her hair and proceeds to stomp on her gut shouting "This is what you want!" repeatedly at Becky. Mick Foley holds Natalya back as Becky recovers. The bartender tells everyone to get out. As the Superstars and Legends clear out, Patterson and Brisco stay and finish their drinks with Sid. The bartender says "You guys too." Sid replies to the bartender, "We're not with those psychos."

3. Lesnar and Heyman interrupt the Legends to build Lesnar's match at Summerslam with Rollins

RAW opens with Hulk Hogan welcoming everyone to the reunion before he's interrupted by Ric Flair, who notes that they are two of the greatest Superstars in the history of WWE and that the two of them in the ring together again is a notable event itself. Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits and he joins the celebration in the ring. Stone Cold reminds them that he is one of the biggest stars in WWE history and no conversation about the greatest can happen without Stone Cold being mentioned. Stone Cold announces that all three men will be at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa next year while he tosses Hogan and Flair beers for a toast, but before they can sip their beers...

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesar interrupt to remind the Legends that Brock Lesnar defeated both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, leaving them both defeated, bloody, and humiliated. Heyman will then turn his sights to Stone Cold, who never faced Lesnar, and tell Austin that he is scared of Lesnar and Austin retired as soon as he could when he saw what Lesnar did to Hogan, Flair, and The Rock. Heyman will continue to dig into the WWE roster in saying that no Superstar has defeated Lesnar in the past 5 years without using a low blow to take him out and that the only way Seth Rollins is going to be able to defeat Brock for the Universal Title at Summerslam is by cheating because he can't defeat Brock Lesnar fair and square.

Rollins will make his way down to the ring and say that if he gets disqualified in the Universal Title match at Summerslam, that he'll never be able to challenge Brock for the title again. Heyman and Brock agree to the stipulation. Rollins notes that until Summerslam, he can do whatever he wants. Flair smashes his beer over Brock's head to distract Lesnar. Austin hits Heyman with a Stunner while Hogan hands Rollins a steel chair to whack Brock in the back. With Heyman and Lesnar down, Rollins hits a curb stomp on Lesnar. Austin gets more beers and passes them to Hogan, Flair, and Rollins. The four men toast, drink, and pose while Lesnar and Heyman make their way back up the ramp looking more furious than ever. This begins a build of Rollins putting Brock on the run. Rollins plays mind games with Lesnar every week to soften him up for Summerslam leading to Lesnar's first loss without a shot to his groin in over 5 years.

2. The Kliq meets The Club, setting up an AJ vs. Ricochet ladder match at Summerslam

The Kliq had amazing heat as heels from 1997-1998 and some of it could rub off on AJ Styles and especially his partners in The Club, Gallows and Anderson, if the two groups were to interact. The scene could start backstage with The Kliq hanging together and reminiscing in their dressing room. Hall, Nash, Waltman, & Shawn Michaels are surprised by three unexpected guests: The Club. The Club tells them that there's no room for old men on RAW anymore and that the only group that's "Too Sweet" in WWE is The Club. AJ Styles can mock Michaels for getting old and that the true "Showstopper" in the WWE today is AJ Styles.

Waltman chimes in that Ricochet can keep up with AJ and that The Club can barely win a match. This angers The Club and they attack Waltman, Hall & Nash while Michaels looks on in shock. A match is then made for Ricochet to take on AJ Styles with The Club in AJ's corner and The Kliq in Ricochet's corner. If Ricochet wins, then he gets a rematch for the United States Championship at Summerslam. The Club can't contain themselves and get involved in the match at the first sign of AJ Styles getting in trouble. Kevin Nash lands a big clothesline on Gallows, knocking him out to the floor, while Waltman lands a spinning heel kick on Anderson. Hall picks up Anderson and slaps his face around while AJ Styles rolls to the outside. Ricochet takes the mic and says that he always looked up to Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall for their amazing ladder match at Summerslam. Ricochet then challenges Styles to a ladder match for the United States Championship in tribute to The Kliq.

1. A Legends & Superstars softball game built around Strowman vs. Lashley

With Psycho Sid returning to the WWE for the first time since 2012, this gives WWE creative an opportunity to mix some elements of real life with the WWE Universe. Sid famously is rumored to have taken time off of wrestling to play softball and it's rumored that Jerry "The King" Lawler is the one who stooged him out. Why not play with this and take advantage of the season and stage a WWE Superstars and Legends softball game? This game could be used to play off different relationships and feuds between WWE Legends and current Superstars.

Braun Strowman is perfect for this game since his dad (Rick "The Crusher" Scherr) is a legend in softball, holding the record for most home runs in a season and most home runs in a game. Sid will step up to the plate against Lawler and get a hit bringing Strowman up next. DX roasts some weenies on the grill next to Jimmy Hart's baked beans while Lucha House Party serves fruit and micheladas. Mark Henry joins The Miz showing The Viking Raiders the finer points of how to harness their power in the game of softball while Stone Cold cracks beers with Kevin Owens discussing the mechanics of the Stone Cold Stunner. The Boogie Man could eat worms in right field while waiting for a fly ball to come his way. Titus O'Neil talks 24/7 title strategy with No Way Jose & Mick Foley while eating too many sunflower seeds in the dugout. Bobby Lashley attacks Strowman while he bats. The two monsters brawl in the middle of the softball field sparking an all-out brawl between everyone involved in and around the game. Sid can finally get a shot in on Lawler, knocking him into Sgt. Slaughter while he makes a plate of food, leading to a classic WWE food fight. Lacey Evans will stop the food fight and scold everyone for not minding their manners with a lady present. Kelly Kelly then smashes her in the face with some apple pie before Alundra Blayze drops Lacey into a garbage can. It all ends with the camera panning to Ron Simmons looking on in disgust to say... "DAMN."