As noted, All Elite Wrestling's Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong, Nyla Rose and Jungleboy were representing the company during the 2019 TV Critics Association summer press tour event in Los Angeles earlier today. They were also joined by Tony Khan, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Michael Nakazawa.

AEW was profiled by TV Guide, and the stars took part in a photo shoot. You can see a few shots from that photo shoot at the end of this post.

TV Guide noted that one of the reporters in attendance pushed back on AEW's declaration that it's "revolutionary" and "paradigm-shifting" in the world of pro wrestling, saying that the AEW wrestling looks the same as any other promotion, including WWE.

Brandi responded to that reporter and said, "You can look at this panel and see a whole lot that's different about this, in that there's three women out here. You haven't seen that in professional wrestling in a long time."

Brandi's response was met by "rule-breaking applause" in the room. She then touted AEW's diversity - "different sizes, shapes, colors, genders, nationalities, sexualities, religions."

"We aren't looking for a cookie cutter. We aren't looking for a blonde that's 5'4" because we need a blonde that's 5'4". We're looking for Kia Stevens because we need Awesome Kong," Brandi said.

TV Guide, who referred to Chris Jericho as a "WWE defector," also focused on what was included in the AEW - TNT press release from this morning, about how the company is focused on the athleticism of the matches rather than "soapy storylines" and how they will track statistics for wrestlers, as if they were pro baseball players. TV Guide wrote, "AEW will be more focused on the athleticism of the matches rather than soapy storylines. For the first time, statistics will be tracked for wrestlers, like they are baseball players. Their moves and damage to their opponents will be analyzed on-air to provide insights into their winning streaks. AEW is for hardcore wrestling fans."

You can read our notes from the AEW panel at TCA19 by clicking here, including Cody's comments on WWE, news on the name of the AEW TNT weekly TV series, and more. You can read the AEW - TNT TV press release by clicking here.