- Above, NXT Star Lacey Lane goes on her first road loop in NXT where she visits San Antonio, Texas.

- As noted, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch will face Andrade and Zelina on this Monday's RAW. In the video below, Zelina had some words for both of their upcoming opponents.

"Ask and you shall received," Vega began. "We asked for a match between two people that like to call themselves 'men,' but are actually little boys: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Or, 'Secky,' as I like to call them. Becky, it's time for you to back up everything you've been saying on Twitter. And, sure, you're real original by calling me short and all, but truth be told as I've said, even if you got your teeth done and your weave fixed, you still wouldn't be half the woman I am. And Seth, after Andrade's done with you, you won't be able to call yourself a credible champion, ever."

- While walking around backstage, Ali stumbled upon Liv Morgan who said she was locked in her locker room. Ali waited outside as the venue's staff attempted to open it with keys, but they brought the wrong keys. Another staff member came up and just jammed his shoulder into the door, wedging it open, apparently it wasn't really locked the whole time.