Back in June at AEW Fyter Fest, Shawn Spears hit the chairshot heard around the world when he whacked Cody Rhodes in the head following the time-limit draw between the "American Nightmare" and his opponent Darby Allin.

The fallout saw Rhodes gain ten staples to his head to close the wound.

At AEW's next show, All Out, taking place at the Sears Centre in Chicago, Spears will go up against Rhodes in a grudge match. The latest Road to All Out has recently dropped on YouTube and Rhodes' wife Brandi had some strong words for Spears.

"There is a difference between being a wrestler and being a pro wrestler," Brandi said in the video. "Someone who eats, sleeps, breathes and devotes everything they have to that ring and my husband is a goddamn exemplary pro wrestler.

"But you, I think you're pretend. He's obviously not here right now and you know why. He was your friend and yet you took an unforgiving steel chair and ended all of that to start a new for yourself.

"That blood that I saw pouring out of the back of his head may as well have been a mirror into your future. I have seen that man take a backdrop on his neck, I've seen him take a ring bell to the skull, I've sat at home on my couch and watched while he climbed a twenty-foot steel cage and moonsaulted off only to eat s--t.

"But you know what? He got back up, he always gets back up. Can you say the same?

"Ten staples to the back of my beloved's head. That was your 15 minutes. I really hope you enjoyed them."

You can watch the full episode in the video above.