- Above, WWE compiled all of Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse episodes and put them together in one video. Wyatt returned to the ring at SummerSlam where he defeated Finn Balor. As noted, Wyatt is scheduled to be on this Monday's RAW.

- WWE posted this week's 25 best Instagram photos. The collection included: Velveteen Dream / Bret Hart, Sasha Banks, and Mandy Rose.

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- In the videos below, Cedric Alexander and Ali commented on the upcoming King of the Ring tournament. Alexander faces Sami Zayn in the first round and called this a "golden opportunity for him." For Ali, he'll take on Buddy Murphy, and had this to say about the tournament.

"There are two ways in this world to wear a crown," Ali began. "One: that it's passed down to you, but the second, you fight for it. 16 of the best WWE Superstars are now collected for this year's King of the Ring tournament, and my first round opponent: Buddy Murphy. Buddy is on a mission to let people know he is no longer the 'Best Kept Secret,' Buddy let me tell you a little secret of my own. This year has been one gigantic wall after another wall, after another wall for me. I'm sick and tired of opportunities getting taking out of my hand. This time, I'm gonna put that opportunity in my hand, when I put this crown in my hand, and on my head."