Below are highlights from the latest episode of AEW All Out.

* We see The Best Friends head towards each other to embrace with a big hug. The duo will meet The Dark Order at All Out with the winner receiving a bye in the first round of the upcoming Tag Team Tournament. Chuck and Trent sit down to talk about how they became a team and how they are actually friends. Trent asks what being a best friend means to Chuck. Chuck says it makes him mad when he's on the apron and Trent is getting his butt kicked, so he feels like he has to fight Trent's battles because he's always getting his butt kicked. Chuck says they signed with AEW because of the emphasis on tag team wrestling and becoming the first champions of the promotion will go down in history as something people will talk about down the road. Trent says even though they joke around a ton, it doesn't mean they aren't taking their job seriously. They talk about The Dark Order sending out their minions to attack The Best Friends, they don't appreciate that and fully plan on getting that first round bye in the tournament.

* Alex Marvez breaks down some numbers for the upcoming PPV. Number 10: Not only is it Shawn Spears' signature number, but Cody received 10 staples after that chairshot. Number 184: The number of times Dusty Rhodes wrestled Tully Blanchard, Spears' advisor.

* Clip from House of Glory Wrestling event with Adam Page and The Young Bucks. Page talks about Chris Jericho being an "ass----" because he keeps demanding a thank you. Page puts over AEW and how guys like Cody and Kenny Omega want to make a change, gives props to HOG for giving a platform to guys like Private Party, and also praises The Young Bucks for what they've done over the years as they look to change the world. Page continues he's going to give everything he's got against Jericho. Says he wants to show Jericho and everyone else the ones who look to change the world are the ones who do "cowboy s---."

* Kenny Omega talks about his match against Chris Jericho and how he came up short. Omega says he was supposed to be the chosen one to become the AEW World Champion, there was an expectation he'd be the one, but he noted his best work has always come when he's the underdog and has to work his way up. He thanks Jon Moxley for what he did after his match with Jericho as he's the one who will motivate Omega to get back to the top. Omega says he knows where Moxley came from and is damaged goods. He believes Moxley wants to win just as badly, but is he ready to sacrifice it all to get it all back? If the answer is yes, then the winners are actually the fans. "I can't wait for my path to redemption, and you're the first step," Omega finished.