NXT Matt Riddle just responded to Chris Jericho after he retweeted some career advice for Riddle. It was a Twitter user who first posted the snippet from Jericho's book and told Riddle to read it. Jericho then retweeted it and wrote, "Listen and learn kid." The action got him on Riddle's list of WCW guys that want to get beat up before they retire.

The passage that was shared was about Chris Jericho's first match with Bulldog, who told him that if he beat him, then he would be beating up an old man. Jericho learned that for promos you should never totally bury your opponent.

A few hours after retweeting it, Riddle responded to Jericho writing, "What's wrong with these WCW guys? First Goldberg then Booker T and now a really boring wrestler who hates barefoot Bros (Lance Storm) and last but not least Y2J. It's almost like you all wanna get beat up before you retire." "Listen and learn Bros"

Below are Jericho's and Riddle's tweets: