Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Recap of last week's showdown between a debuting Bestia 666 and the Southern Psychopath Mance Warner. The two engaged in a brutal Mexican Deathmatch that Bestia would win thanks to an assist from Salina de la Renta. Cut to the evening's main event, where the Von Erichs defeated the Contra Unit in tag action, with the two factions continuing to brawl afterwards until the show went off the air.

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. Jimmy Yuta makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. Commentary runs down the night's card, including Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus Timothy Thatcher, and the return of the Spirit Squad. Yuta will be facing Low Ki, who is out second. Reminder...Low Ki has won his last three matchups by knockout.

Low Ki versus Jimmy Yuta

Yuta forces Ki into the corner, then resets and breaks away. Leg kick from Ki. They dance around teasing a tie-up...Ki hits a big boot and Yuta is out! Referee calls for the bell. It's over.

Low Ki wins due to referee stoppage

As Ki exits a camera catches up with him. He says that there's a lot more he has to accomplish in MLW, and for everyone to be on notice...and stay tuned.

Flashback to Tom Lawlor's War Chamber challenge to Contra. Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael respond, accepting the challenge. Samael tells Lawlor and the Von Erichs to find a fourth though...because they'll be bringing a fourth. Simon Gotch and Fatu add some threats before the segment ends.

Preview for MLW War Chamber.

Footage of Mance Warner causing havoc on Promociones Dorado and Salina de la Renta over the last month is shown. At some point...Konnan got a hold of Salina's phone during one of Warner's beatdowns, and has been holding onto it for leverage over Salina. Cut to a new conversation between Konnan and Salina, with Jimmy Havoc standing by. Konnan says he has three demands for Salina, the first being that she books Jimmy Havoc in a match against LA Park. Salina agrees, with Havoc questioning her decision. Konnan then walks away, stating that was only the first demand.

Promo from Dynasty. They're outside waiting for their cars shooting the breeze. MJF jokes that Teddy Hart failed another drug test and the Hart Foundation won't be able to use their rematch clause for the tag team championship.

Back to the arena...the Spirit Squad (Mike Mondo & Kenny Doane) is here! Doane jabs at the crowd, saying that New York sucks. The Knicks, Nets, and Mets suck, but the only thing that's worse...the MLW tag team division. They issue an open challenge before poking fun at the Von Erichs for having an expired bloodline. This brings the Von Erichs out to answer their challenge.

Von Erichs versus Spirit Squad

Ross and Marshall come in hot pounding Mondo and Doane. They nail them with dropkicks which send the Squad to ringside. Ross in pursuit...he throws them in the ring. Marshall runs through Mondo and Doane with lariats and powerslams. They catch Doane with the claw/suplex combo. This one is over quick.

Von Erichs win by pinfall

As they celebrate...Contra comes out! It's Simon Gotch and Josef Samael. The four men brawl in the ring. A man in a mask appears on the entrance path and spits a mist into Marshall's eyes! He's blinded! The mystery man is dressed in Contra attire. Security and referees separate the teams, as EMTs attend to Marshall. Blood comes from his eyes! Commentary says he could have been blinded! He's eventually helped to the back with his brother Ross at his side.

Commentary tells us that because of the quick Low Ki match, and the actions that just happened they'll take us to a special matchup between El Gringo Loco and Zenshi from Chicago that never aired. Both competitors are already in the ring ready to begin.

El Gringo Loco versus Zenshi

Loco and Zenshi start with fast counters and lucha sequences. Zenshi uses the ropes to take Loco down with a sunset flip but Loco rolls to his feet...another roll-up by Zenshi...only a two count. Brandon Oliver and Myron Reed can be seen walking the the crowd with their "Justice" sign. Meanwhile...Zenshi with an imrpessive arsenal of moves, including a twisting plancha from the apron that flattened Loco. Zenshi goes to the middle-rope...450 for a nearfall. Zenshi back to the apron...Loco evades the maneuver...Zenshi with a handspring off the ropes...Loco catches him...tombstone. That'll do it.

El Gringo Loco wins by pinfall

Back to New York, where commentary informs us that Marshall has been taken to the hospital because of the poison mist in his eyes. The attack is shown again.

Video of Georgia Smith and Alexander Hammerstone making out in the elevator is played. Cut to Kaci Lennox interviewing Davey Boy Smith Jr. She asks him about the incident with his sister. Davey Boy says he doesn't want to talk about that right now...he wants to focus on his bout with Timothy Thatcher. He tells Thatcher that he respects him, but he's to be using his full display of catch-wrestling to make Thatcher tap out. Brian Pillman Jr. walks up and takes Lennox away.

Main event time. Timothy Thatcher makes his way to the ring. Commentary calls him one of the best scientific pro-hybrid wrestlers in the whole world. Davey Boy is out second. They shake hands before the bell. Here we go.

Timothy Thatcher versus Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Tie-up. Smith with a takedown. He traps Thatcher's ankle...Thatcher rolls to half-guard for a quick pin attempt. Two count. They break apart and reset. Second tie-up. Headlock takeover by Smith but Thatcher snags on a headscissor. Another reset. They shake hands again in a sign of respect. Thatcher brings Smith to the mat and drives his elbow into Smith's shoulder blades for added pressure. Smith manages to reverse the position...he targets the arm, tying it up in a hammerlock, then slamming his weight onto it wrenching it backwards. Thatcher fires back by applying a half-crab. Smith in trouble...he's able to kick Thatcher off but Thatcher goes right back to work with an elbow. He eventually breaks the hold and lets Smith get to his feet.

Smith connects with a leg kick. Another. Thatcher picks the ankle and locks in a heel hook...Smith lands a boot to Thatcher's face. Thatcher answers with a belly-to-belly suplex, then follows up with a leg DDT and right back into the heel hook. Smith switches his positioning...he slaps Thatcher in the face and the submission is released. Thatcher goes for another suplex...Smith blocks it and catches him in an armbreaker! Thatcher somehow turns it into an ankle-lock! Smith tries to escape but Thatcher gets the hooks in! After a moment of struggle...Smith transitions into the sharpshooter! Fans go wild. Thatcher gets to the ropes. Both men are down.

Back and forth striking...backslide pin from Smith...Thatcher escapes. Small package from Thatcher...Smith escapes. Fun sequence of back and forth pin attempts. Another striking exchange...Smith wins this one...he hits a German suplex onto Thatcher. Thatcher responds with one of his own. Two more from Smith,followed by a Tiger suplex or a close two count. Smith lays into Thatcher's chest with stiff kicks. Thatcher goes for a kimura...he switches to an armbar attempt and then a triangle. Smith deadlifts him...powerbomb. He applies the crossface...Thatcher taps.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins by submission

Afterwards Smith is interviewed by his sister Georgia Smith. He says that the fans cheering his name is music to his ears, and thanks them for that. Smith then shifts the subject to Alexander Hammerstone. "Dusty Rhodes once taught me that silence is golden...and duct tape is silver. He's hiding from me and trying to play some mind games...it's not working on me." He promises that he'll trap Hammerstone in the crossface sooner or later, but tells Georgia that she can continue dating him if she wants.

That's the show friends.