Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Mance Warner opens the show with a promo. He screams that he's already pounded a bunch of beers, and he's prepared to decimate Ricky Martinez. He reveals a chainsaw, stating that when he gets a few beers in him...violence ensues.

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the evening's main event: A New York City street fight between LA Park and Jimmy Havoc, which was set up because Konnan demanded Salina de la Renta put the match on. Konnan still has possession of Salina's cell phone, and has been using it as leverage.

Salina de la Renta is in the ring...she presents Ricky Martinez, calling him the greatest athlete in all of Cuban sports. The Southern Psycho Mance Warner is next.

Ricky Martinez versus Mance Warner

Martinez kicks the ropes into Warner's crotch as he enters the ring. Springboard dropkick to Warner's head. Martinez continues to assault Warner as he takes his jacket off. Warner fires off a few chops but Martinez grounds him with a jumping cutter. Back and forth striking...Martinez hits a double-knee facebreaker out of nowhere. He climbs the middle rope...Warner catches him with a headbutt. Warner follows that up with a running knee and lariat for the victory in a short opener.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

Post match, Warner cracks open a beer and starts to celebrate. Salina slaps him in the face and spits on him. Warner goes to spit the beer back but Salina moves and it hits Martinez. He doesn't react, as he is upset about taking another loss and Salina walking out on him. Commentary tells us that things aren't going very well for Promociones Dorado at the moment.

Cut to Richard Holliday, who is in a penthouse apartment in Las Vegas across from the Wynn casino. He calls Vegas the fight capital of the world, and that Dynasty is at the top of that list since they all carry MLW gold.

Flashback to last week's main event, when Alexander Hammerstone defeated Savio Vega by pinfall after hitting the Nightmare Pendulum. Vega's leg was badly crunched on the maneuver, with commentary telling us that he's been place on injury reserved.

Marshall Von Erich provides a medical update from Hawaii. He thanks the fans for their support, stating that his vision is still impaired, but that it's going to take a whole lot more than red mist to keep him out of the War Chamber. He says he's bringing his father, Kevin Von Erich, to Dallas, and promises not to let Texas down.

Bocchini asks Salina de la Renta if Ricky Martinez is still employed for Promociones Dorado. Salina refuses to answer. Konnan strolls up and teases Salina by waving her phone in her face. Salina demands that he give it back or she'll call the cops, but Konnan threatens to tell the cops information he's discovered on the phone, which quiets Salina immediately. Konnan dances to end the segment.

Feed cuts to the H2 (Hart Foundation) Network. Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. are hanging out in the bathroom. Pillman shows off his new jacket, which belongs to Alexander Hammerstone. Hart makes a jab at MJF and Richard Holliday for wearing suits from Mens Warehouse. Pillman later pisses on Hammerstone's jacket.

Back to the arena, Ace Austin makes his way to the ring for our next matchup. He'll be facing Austin Aries.

Ace Austin versus Austin Aries

Aries lands a leg kick to open. Ace tries one of his own but Aries catches it, then lets it down easy. Tie-up. Side headlock from Aries. Ace responds with a wristlock...Aries quickly reverses the pressure. After a momentary reset they lock-up again. Another headlock from Aries. Pace picks up...Aries cartwheels away from an attack and rocks Ace with a double-palm strike to the ears. Flying elbow from the middle rope by Aries...cover...Ace kicks out at one. Ace unloads a few strikes. He dumps Aries to the apron...running knee and middle-rope neckbreaker that sends Aries to ringside. Ace on the apron now...PK. Back in the ring Ace goes for a cover but Aries kicks out with ease.

Ace drops Aries with a forearm. Running leg drop. Aries gets trapped in the tree-of-woe in the corner...Ace pulls back on Aries' neck, with the referee having to break the hold with a five count. Aries answers with a flurry of strikes, including a big chop. He comes off the ropes...discus five-arm. Rope assisted neckbreaker by Aries sends Ace to the outside. He plays to the crowd...bottom rope suicide dive connects! Aries climbs for the 450...Ace rolls away. He nearly steals a win with a low blow following a distraction. He goes for the running blockbuster but Aries catches him with a brainbuster. That'll do it.

Austin Aries wins by pinfall

Aries grabs a microphone following his victory. He addresses the last time he was in this building (when in IMPACT) things ended controversially. He says that's not who Austin Aries is. He then calls out Teddy Hart, stating that Hart is holding onto his Middleweight title, and he plans on taking it from him soon.

Cameras catch up with Dynasty. Hammerstone is asked about the whereabouts of his jacket. He says that he can't worry about that right now because he's focused on his Hogan tan and being the MLW National Openweight champion. Aria Blake runs up and hands Hammerstone his jacket. He says it smells like cat piss, then throws it away angrily.

Preview for MLW's first PPV, MLW Saturday Night Superfight is played. A reminder that MMA fighter Douglas James has been signed. Marshall Von Erich's interview from earlier in the show is played.

Main event time. England's most dangerous man, Jimmy Havoc, makes his way out first. LA Park is next. Salina de la Renta sits front row for this bout. She does not look happy. Here we go.

Jimmy Havoc versus LA Park in a NYC Street Fight

Park nails Havoc in the back with a steel chair. He misses on a second attempt...Havoc with a series of arm-drags. He knocks Park out of the ring with a superkick. Suicide dive from Havoc. Now he has the chair...he unloads a few shots, then reaches under the ring to reveal a trash can. He smashes that off Park's head. Havoc back under the ring. He pulls out a staple gun and some cookie sheets, which he bangs off Park's head again. More chair shots. Havoc whips Park into the ring post. He builds a table with two chairs at ringside. Park takes advantage and throws the trash can right at Havoc's face. Back and forth striking...both men trade eye pokes.

Back in the ring...Havoc hits a middle rope double stomp through a chair for a nearfall. Forearm and bulldog in succession from Havoc. He goes for the pin...only two. Park regains control for a moment but Havoc baits him in with a drop toe hold. Park responds with sickle lariat, then a running knee for a nearfall. Park suplexes Havoc into the turnbuckles, which makes him hang in the tree-of-woe. Park drapes a piece of wood over Havoc's face...running dropkick breaks the wood! Park grabs another piece of wood and builds another table on the outside. He lays Havoc down...Park climbs to the top...he goes for a double-stomp but Havoc moves at the last second and Park crashes through the table. Havoc uses the broken wood to nail Park across the back. Both men end up on the top rope...Havoc with a superplex with pin...Park gets a shoulder up.

Havoc uses the staple gun on Park, shooting his face and then his thigh. He sets up a series of chairs in the corner...Park ends up slamming Havoc through them! Pinfall...Havoc won't stay down. Park hits a Whisper in the Wind out of nowhere. Running spear...that'll do it.

LA Park wins by pinfall

Salina makes Havoc and Park shakes hands afterwards. Park is hesitant, but eventually listens to Salina's orders. Salina then says that nothing can stop Promociones Dorado. Not Konnan, not Mance Warner, not event the heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu. Warners music hits. He comes out of the crowd with a chainsaw and runs Park, Havoc, and Salina off.

Announced for next week...Teddy Hart defends the MLW Middleweight title against MJF.

That's the show friends.