WWE Hall of Famer Sean "X-PAC" Waltman took to his X-PAC 1, 2, 360 podcast this week to talk about the biggest moments coming out of SummerSlam and this week's RAW. Waltman admitted that Sasha Banks' return on RAW this week carried a certain intensity that made for entertaining TV.

"[Natalya] lays it on thick... For better or worse, it's coming from a real authentic place with her," Waltman recalled. "And so she's out there and she's talking about her father. It's hard to boo somebody when they're talking about their father passing. And then when Sasha comes out - it was just really good sh-t. The intensity! She f--ked her up, and then Becky [Lynch] came out and she f--ked her up!

"For anyone that's in charge of writing or creative or whatever, don't assume that the people are all just gonna jump on the Becky train on this, 'cause some people are going to be for Sasha."

Before finally making her return and attacking both Natalya and Lynch, Banks was on hiatus from WWE. She reportedly tried to quit when she and Bayley dropped the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35. However, in May, it was reported that Banks had a private meeting with Vince McMahon and any issues between the two had improved.

Lynch has since responded to a video of the attack by Sasha Banks, adding the caption, "Let the games begin. #ReceiptsAreComing".