IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay answered a few questions on Twitter earlier today. In the Q&A, he revealed his favorite G1 moment, how long his current contract is with NJPW, thoughts on Impact star Tessa Blanchard, and his favorite career moment.

When asked if he would ever wrestle current WWE star Ricochet again, Ospreay answered that he was with NJPW for five years, writing, "Never Say Never. But for the next 5 years, Will Ospreay is property of the Lion Mark."

Will Ospreay revealed, "Being in the ring with the Ace," was his favorite moment in G1. When asked what he thought about Tessa Blanchard potentially winning the Impact World Championship, he answered, "Revolutionary. Tessa Blanchard has been awesome love watching her wrestle."

One of the last questions Ospreay was asked was about his favorite career moment. His answer was, "Had many highlights but one that sticks with me every time. First time I won Super Jrs and came home to York Hall to such an incredible reception. I remember standing in the ring looking to my left, to the center of the balcony and saw Bea Priestley just lip-read 'I love you'"

Will Ospreay also answered questions about the first wrestler he saw on TV and his favorite arena in Japan.

Below are his tweets: