As noted on Monday, WWE Shop began selling a new Firefly Funhouse playset box that included exclusive merchandise for Bray Wyatt and The Fiend.

WWE has announced that the limited edition boxes sold out in under 3 hours. WWE made just 500 of the $39.99 boxes, and noted that they will not be creating any more.

The boxes immediately started popping up on eBay. Sellers on that platform currently have the boxes listed for $225, $249 and $250.

The boxes included an exclusive Fiend t-shirt, an autographed Wyatt postcard, playset cutouts and display set to turn the box itself into a Firefly Funhouse, pictures, stickers, and more.

Below is WWE's announcement on the sell out:

Limited edition Firefly Funhouse sells out in under 3 hours!

For the first time ever WWE Shop sold a limited edition Firefly Funhouse box and Yowie Wowie did the WWE Universe ever respond! 500 boxes containing exclusive Bray Wyatt merchandise sold out in under 3 hours.

Each box contained:

* Exclusive Bray Wyatt "Fiend" T-Shirt
* Bray Wyatt Autographed Welcome Postcard
* Playset Cutouts and Display Set - the box itself turns into the Firefly Fun House!
* Pictures, stickers & more

The box may be gone, but there's still plenty of other Bray Wyatt merchandise to help light the way. All you have to do is... let him in.