Not only is the Oct. 4 SmackDown going to be WWE's debut on FOX, and not only is it going to be SmackDown's 20th anniversary, but it will also feature Brock Lesnar's first match on the blue brand in 15 years.

Lesnar will challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship with many thinking he will win the strap. Busted Open Radio's Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca discussed why Lesnar makes the most sense as the WWE Champion.

"Brock makes you want to see Brock lose and whoever he's in the ring with win," said Bully Ray. "Brock and Seth Rollins we were invested and it wasn't necessarily the moves. We were invested in the story and that's what we're gonna get from Brock and Kofi."

"If you're able to have Kofi Kingston beat Brock Lesnar then you know what, you're getting behind Kofi saying, 'This is our champion. This is the guy. This is the face of the franchise.' But I've gotta give you the honest answer from my gut and I don't think there's anyway Kofi Kingston wins," stated LaGreca. "I think we're gonna see Brock Lesnar with that WWE Championship around his waist."

"Brock is the guy. And since Brock is a WWE guy and a former UFC guy, Brock's name is known by people who might not be wrestling fans," said Bully Ray. "There might be people out there who not only don't get cable, but are Brock fans from the UFC. Brock should bring a lot of eyes to this show on Friday. He's the biggest name and that's why they're going with him. And Brock as your champion is what's best for business right now with your show going to FOX."

LaGreca then asked if Lesnar winning the title means that ends the days of him being a special attraction and if we're gonna see him making appearances and wrestling more than ever before.

"I would hope so," responded Bully Ray. "As the champion and without having commitments to the UFC, I hope we see Brock in at least two out of every four weeks a month. And maybe they can even convince Brock and this would blow people away, Dave maybe they can even convince him to wrestle once a month on SmackDown and defend the championship. If Brock were to wrestle once a month on SmackDown and defend his championship, I don't think anybody could ever say a word again."

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