Davey Boy Smith Jr. has successfully carried on his family's legacy with reigns as WWE, IWGP, and MLW tag team champion notched in his belt.

Smith recently spoke with EGO TOTAL's Adi Kfir & Aviran Tunis about another member of the Hart family, his uncle Bret, and the incident where a fan attacked him at the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony.

"I think everyone was shocked," Smith said. "I thought it was part of the show. I was taking pictures on my phone of Bret in the ring. I was looking up at the big tron and tried to see how the pictures went out, and in the corner of my eyes I see a guy going into the ring. Just like after 5-10 seconds I realized it's not part of the show because I saw Travis Brown pounding him pretty good, so I wasted no time to get into the ring and I did my best to punch this guy, but there were too many guys in the way. He wanted to make a name for himself but didn't want to take the price of the beating. It was nice to see that uncle Bret dusted off and continued his speech, and after that, he went to the hospital and he was okay."

Smith sees a bright future for himself as a member of the MLW roster. He hopes to put aside the tag team aspirations and pursue the MLW world championship; however, when all is said and done, Smith sees himself returning to WWE.

"I would like to challenge for the MLW world title against whoever holds the title," Smith stated. "I would like to thanks the fans for believing in me and the majority choosing me as the future MLW world champion. I really appreciate that. I promise you once I procure the world championship, I won't let anybody down and I will be a fighting champion.

"I think the door is open for me to return to WWE at some point, I'm not sure when that is," Smith continued. "Right now I am singed with MLW and they are really showcasing me good, so before I come back to WWE at some point, I would like to do some great thing in my career and build my name back up in North America before I come back."

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