Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from the NYTEX Sports Centre in Dallas, Texas. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Footage of Josef Samuel moments after War Chamber is shown. He says he's shed a gallon of blood but that won't stop him from coming after the Von Erichs. "This isn't over," growls Samael, who then threatens to stab his railroad spike right into Kevin Von Erich's heart. "Hail Contra."

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype up the evening's main event matchup which is Dynasty (Richard Holliday & MJF) defending the MLW tag team titles against the Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Teddy hart) in a 2-out of-3 falls contest.

Jordan Oliver makes his way to the ring for our opener. He's accompanied by the rest of Injustice (Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil). He'll be facing...Zenshi.

Jordan Oliver versus Zenshi

Waistlock from Zenshi to start. Oliver gets back to his feet and takes Zenshi down with an arm-drag. They trade roll-ups. Zenshi trips Oliver with a leg-sweep. Oliver lands a strike to the chest...he uses the ropes to hit another arm-drag. Headscissor attempt but Zenshi lands on his feet. Running shooting star press by Zenshi connects. Cover...Oliver kicks out and rolls to ringside to recover. He jumps back in...Zenshi goes for a springboard maneuver but Brazil pulls out his leg. Oliver takes advantage with a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Zenshi manages to retake control...another distraction from Injustice on the outside gives Oliver an opening...back suplex for two. Oliver sits Zenshi up...middle-rope dropkick to the back of the head. Brazil lights Zenshi up with shots while Oliver talks with the referee. Crowd boos heavily.

Zenshi starts a comeback. 619 to Oliver's lower back from Zenshi. Springboard frankensteiner, followed by a leg-sweep. Zenshi takes out Injustice on the outside with a running shooting star from the apron. He turns his attention back to Oliver...sling-shot DDT. Zenshi back to the apron...slingshot senton. Brazil pulls the referee out of the ring to argue. Oliver actually has the match won but he doesn't see it because of Brazil. Sliced-Bread cutter from Zenshi. Reed hits Zenshi with a springboard 450. Oliver makes the cover...it's over.

Jordan Oliver wins by pinfall

Post match, Injustice beats down both Zenshi and the referee. Gringo Loco, steel chair in hand, makes the save. Injustice fleas while Loco attends to Zenshi.

Vignette teasing Dominic Garrini is played. Graphic says he'll be coming this fall.

Commentary tells us that Savio Vegas has been activated following his injury in July. He's also been involved in a legal battle with Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado due to his contract they he ripped up on an old episode of Fusion. In retaliation, Vega has been mentoring Mance Warner, whose been feuding with Promociones Dorado for the last few months.

Promo from Mance Warner. He says that Savio Vega is the one who bailed him out. He then calls out Jimmy Havoc, and challenges him to a Bunkhouse Brawl. "We can fight anywhere you want...in outer space if possible...I'm gonna send you straight to hell."

A recap of Dynasty and the Hart Foundation's rivalry is played. Highlights include Holliday and MJF defeating Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. in a ladder match to become the tag champions. Commentary reminds us that tonight's rematch is the main event.

Cut to Richard Holliday from earlier in the day. He's in the gym getting a tan so he can look good when he faces the Hart Foundation. "There is only one Dyasty...and Dynasty is forever."

Preview for MLW Blood and Thunder, coming to Orlando Florida.

Footage of last week's War Chamber matchup is played, which was won by Team Von Erich. Bocchini tells us that MLW will be returning to Dallas in January. They cut to Marshall and Ross, who along with their father, give their picks for tonight's main event matchup. They say they're rooting for the Hart Foundation so "legacy" can face "legacy" but no matter who wins...they'll be read to take the titles from them.

Flashback to last week, when Salina de la Renta announced that LA Park will be cashing in his Battle Riot golden ticket and challenge for Jacob Fatu's MLW Heavyweight championship at MLW's first PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight. Elsewhere, Salina cuts a promo. She says that LA Park is going to take care of Jacob Fatu, and Havoc will take care of Mance Warner. Havoc appears. He tells Mance Warner that he is screwed. "By the end of the night...I'll be drinking your blood."

Main event time. Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) are out first, accompanied by Aria Blake. Alexander Hammerstone is not with them The Hart Foundation is out next (Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr.). Brian Pillman Jr. is not with them. Commentary tells us that Teddy Hart and Austin Aries got into a confrontation backstage because Aries wants a shot at Hart's Middleweight title. Official introduction are over. Here we go.

Dynasty versus Hart Foundation 2-out-of-3 falls for the MLW tag team championship

Holliday and MJF play Rocks, Paper, Scissor to determine who will start. Hart chases them both out of the ring. They take their time playing to the crowd...Hart and Smith eventually attack them. Smith holds them in place...springboard moonsault from Hart. Referee trying to get control as the four men brawl on the outside. The Hart Foundation wins the exchange, and eventually move the action back inside the ring, with Hart and MJF in. Tie-up. Hart applies a wristlock. MJF reveres the pressure. He goes for a second rope arm-drag but Hart transitions into the rings of saturn. MJF screams in pain...Hart releases the hold and MJF tags in Holliday. Hart brings in Smith.

Tie-up. Crowd chants loudly for Smith. He lands a forearm to Holliday's head, then wears him down with a headlock. Pace pick up...Smith grounds Holliday again...he gets to the ropes and Smith has to let go. Hammerlock pin by Smith for two...he maintains the hold, cranking hard on Holliday's arm. Smith traps the arm...powerslam. Holldiay fires off a few rights but Smith rocks him with another forearm. Smith ducks a haymaker...German suplex sends Holliday back to ringside. MJF grabs Holliday and leaves. Hart Foundation follows them. Camera doesn't follow them backstage...MJF comes flying out with Smith in pursuit. Hart suplexes Holliday onto the entrance path. Back to the ring...Hart Foundation whips Dynasty into each other...eye rake from MJF and Smith...they go for vertical suplexes but Hart and Smith hit a Northern Lights Suplex at the same time. Wishbone split to Holliday. Hart picks him up...rude awakening with pin...two count. He bounces Holliday off the ropes...snap slam. Holliday kicks out again. Hart goes to bounce off the ropes but MJF elbows him...Holliday hits a big lariat and spinebuster in succession. Dynasty now in control.

Dynasty utilizes quick tags to wear Hart down. Neckbreaker from Holliday. MJF tags in...he and Holliday hit a double-elbow drop. With the referee's back turned Aria Blake claws at his face with her fingernails. Hart bites her hand but MJF makes him pay by Irish-whipping him hard into the turnbuckles. Hart takes MJF out with a reverse DDT and tags in Smith. Smith back body drops MJF into Holliday, then mounts Holliday in the corner for a ten-punch. Holliday comes back with an elbow...Smith shakes it off...powerslam and diving headbutt. Smith goes for a piledriver...he hits it...Holliday somehow powers out of the pin. Big chops by Smith. He locks Holliday in the sleeper...jawbreaker breaks the hold. MJF shoves Holliday and he and Smith collide heads hard. Holliday falls into a cover...they pickup the first fall.

Dynasty wins the first fall

30 seconds for both teams to rest. Commentary tells us that Warner and Havoc will face each other next week. Meanwhile back in the ring...Smith hulks up and smashes MJF's head off the top turnbuckle 10 times. Hart tags in. Canadian destroyer to MJF. He then nails Holliday with a dropkick. Powerbomb lungblower to Holliday. He climbs...MJF yanks the ropes and Hart falls onto the ropes hard. MJF sets him up for a superplex...Hart turns it into a top rope Canadian destroyer. Springboard moonsault ties things up.

Hart Foundation wins the second fall

30 seconds to rest. Commentary tells us that Timothy Thatcher will also return to action next week. Hart picks up MJF, who is still dazed from the last fall. He goes for a hammerlock DDT...Holliday big boots him. Smith attacks Holliday on the outside which distracts the referee. Austin Aries comes out of nowhere...he hits Hart with the Middleweight title...then brainbusters him on the apron. The referee counts...it's over.

Dynasty wins the third fall by countout to retain the MLW tag team championship

Crowd boos heavily. Smith is screaming at the referee while attending to Hart. Dynasty celebrates. Highlights of the match are shown, centering on Aries brutal assault. Hart is helped out of the ring by Smith and several security officials.

That's the show friends.