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No cold open. Right into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today's show takes place from the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff Wales. A flashback of Kassius Ohno defeating the assistant to the general manager Sid Scala from a couple weeks ago is shown. This to hype tonight's main event...a rematch and NXT UK's firs ever British Rounds Match.

Our first bout of the evening is the Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks battling Tyson T-Bone.

Travis Banks versus Tyson T-Bone

Tie-up. Banks beats T-Bone down in the corner. Running lariat. Another. A third, then follows up with a basement dropkick. T-Bone responds with a haymaker and bodyslam. He bounces off the ropes...crossbody connects. Another powerslam. Cover...only two. Banks recovers and fires off some kicks to T-Bone's body but T-Bone retakes control with a slingshot suplex. Banks goes for the Slice of Heaven early...T-Bone turns it into a half-and-half suplex. He goes for another suplex...Banks cradles em!

Travis Banks wins by pinfall

Backstage Razi is giving an update on Toni Storm, who has not been seen in NXT UK since her title loss to Kay Lee Ray at Takeover Cardiff. Gallus approaches. They demand a shot at the NXT UK tag titles, claiming that they were never pinned in the triple-threat tag when Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster became the new champions.

Rhea Ripley is out next for women's division action. Her opponent...Debbie already in the ring.

Rhea Ripley versus Debbie Keitel

Ripley forces Keitel to the corner. Huge shoulder thrusts. Keitel slaps Ripley across the face. Bad idea. Riptide. This one is over quick.

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall

Post match Ripley grabs a microphone and says she wants her NXT UK women's championship back. This brings out Jinny and her muscle Jazzy Gabert. Jinny berates Ripley for her appearance and tells her that all of her accomplishments are a thing of the past. Jinny then promises to one day become champion herself before sending Gabert to the ring to deal with Ripley. Gabert makes is to the apron when Ripley approaches her. Gabert grabs her neck but Ripley sends her flying with a head kick. Jinny pulls Gabert back before things get to physical. This ends the segment.

Cut to the car lot, where Noam Dar is yelling insults about Trent Seven as Seven was entering the arena. Seven responds by telling Dar to grow up but this doesn't stop the Super Nova from screaming into his megaphone. They brawl. Security breaks them up.

Elsewhere, general manager Johnny Saint is preparing Sid Scala for his rematch with Kassius Ohno.

Our next contest is Joseph Conners taking on Kenny Williams.

Joseph Conners versus Kenny Williams

Tie-up. Conners immediately takes control and tosses Williams into the corner. Short-armed lariat for a nearfall. Williams fights back with body shots then rolls Conners up for two. He goes for a springboard maneuver but Conners runs the ropes and Williams hits the mat hard. Conners continues his assault. He applies the surfboard stretch, taunting Williams in the process. Williams breaks free...he hits a chinbreaker and sling-blade in succession. Cover...only two. He goes for another springboard...this time he connects with an elbow. Roll-through cover...Conners grabs the ropes. He eventually isolates Conners and hits his finisher. Another short match.

Joseph Conners wins by pinfall

A video highlighting the Takeover Cardiff matchup between Cesaro and Ilja Dragunov is played.

Cut to Oliver Carter. He says that his NXT UK debut didn't go as he had planned but that'll he be back in action next week to prove that he belongs.

NXT UK women's champion Kay Lee Ray is interviewed. She calls out new challenger Tegan Nox, saying that Nox is a bird with broken wings and posed no actual challenge. Commentary informs us that the two will have a match in two weeks.

Main event time. Kassius Ohno is out first, followed by Sid Scala.

Here are the rules to the match: Six three minute rounds with 30-second rest periods. Each man must earn either two pinfalls or submissions, or they could knock their opponent out. If the bout goes through all six rounds, whichever man had the lead would be the winner.

Here we go.

Kassius Ohno versus Sid Scala British Rounds match

Ohno traps Scala in a headlock right off the bat. Scala with an impressive reversal into a hammerlock. Ohno shows off his chain wrestling skills. Cravat applied. Snapmare and chinlock from Ohno. Scala breaks free using his foot, made famous by General Manager Johnny Saint. Ohno picks Scala's ankle and turns it into an ankle-lock submission but Scala gets to the ropes and takes Ohno off his feet.

End of round one.

Scala opens this round with the cravat. Ohno escapes...they each trade roll-up attempts but neither count is really close. Ohno uses his power to force Scala's arm to the mat...he steps on the hand and stretches it in a submission. Scala eventually breaks free and nearly steals a pinfall with a roll-up.

End of round two. Ohno attacks Scala from behind. Referee pulls Ohno off but the damage has been done.

As the round begins Scala is still a little dazed. Ohno nails him with palm strikes but Scala shows fight by firing off European uppercuts. He hits a dropkick but Ohno stays on his feet. Another one. A third. Ohno bounces back...discus elbow. Scala can't kick out.

Kassius Ohno scores the first pinfall ending round three

Scala gets back to his feet...Ohno bodyslams him and transitions right into another cravat. He jaw-jacks a bit. Scala escapes and hits a headbutt, but eats another hard elbow that takes him off his feet. Cravat back in. Scala shows his bravery by refusing to quit. This takes us to the end of the round.

End of round four.

Scala came out aggressive. Ohno quickly stepped into an abdominal stretch. He goes for a half straight jacket, but Scala levels him in teh gut, then unloads a flurry of strikes. Ohno dumps him to the apron. Ohno wanted to follow, but the referee forced him back into the ring, allowing Scala to hit a crossbody off the top for a near fall. Ohno hit a senton, but Scala pulled his knees up and then hit a number of running elbows as the round ended.

End of round five.

Scala came out like a house of fire, but Ohno hit a Kamikaze Plunge for a two count. Ohno clamped in another chinlock but Scala managed to force his hands apart, allowing Ohno to hit another hard elbow to the back of the head. Ohno picked Scala up on his shoulders, but Scala managed to roll through for a victory roll for a near fall and then followed with a crucifix for another near fall. Scala then pulled Ohno over for a backslide and had a visual three count, but time expired just as the ref was about to count three.

Kassius Ohno wins the British Rounds match

Ohno celebrates. Crowd gives Scala a hand for his efforts.

That's the show friends.