The Vice President of NWA, David Lagana, was a guest on the most recent edition of the This Is The NWA podcast. During the discussion, Lagana took a moment to explain why the "Ten Pounds Of Gold" is such an important championship to their show and the world of pro wrestling.

"The NWA title is magical. Have you guys held it? The belt is, I hate to say 'over' but it is truly this thing that has power," Lagana stated. "It's important and I wanted us to focus everything on that. We bought a logo and a title. That's all we bought."

When the conversation shifted to what other promotions NWA is willing to work with in the future, Lagana seemed open minded to all possibilities except for one: Impact Wrestling. David didn't get into too much detail when explaining why they keep a distance from Impact, however, he did mention that it has to do with their ways of conducting business.

"The best way to describe it is, in doing business with people you find out what kind of business they want to do and that's it. We're not interested. We've done the dance with them, there was a strategic business reason why we did that then and that went fine; they were perfectly professional. There was stuff that happened that is not for public consumption and we're just not interested because they didn't seem interested in doing good business," Lagana stated. "And it's very give and take by the way - Cody Rhodes knows how to do great business, Joe Koff knows how to do great business, they're open to ideas. Ya know, it's like, 'Listen guys, you see that $20 bill? What if I give you $5 for it?' That's how some people want to do business."

A former Impact/TNA Wrestling World Champion, James Storm, is now an active part of NWA's roster and like many other stars there with him, Storm believes he should be the NWA World Champion. David likes when stars think they can step up to the current world champion and another former member of the Impact/TNA roster, Nick Aldis.

"I think [Storm] sees [where he's at] now - but by the way, we're all individual businesses. So you get a lot of people that have a lot of thoughts on what they see and they don't see, so you just have to communicate with them," Lagana said. "And James believes he should be world champion. I want that in him; I want a talent that wants to be world champion. Eli Drake wants to be world champion and what does that mean? He wants to show the world that he can be at the highest level.

"By the way, Nick Aldis was doing this same stuff back in TNA in 2014 or 2013 and the problem was that place is a viper pit of politics," David said. "It makes Washington look like Sesame St. sometimes."