Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episode of Fusion. Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Tonight, fans are in for a treat as this week's show takes place in Tijuana, Mexico. MLW is joining forces with The Crash Lucha Libre promotion. Enjoy the show!

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The show begins with the Von Erichs announcing that they will be competing against Dynasty for the MLW Tag Team Championships at SuperFight on November 2. It will be a Texas tornado match. The Von Erichs feel right at home with this type of a matchup, and are looking forward to taking out Dynasty and their championship reign.

Commentators AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini welcome us to a special edition of MLW Fusion. On this week's show, Jimmy Havoc takes over as executive producer. He will be hosting three extreme matchups. The first match of the night is a six-man tag team match!

Los Haraganes vs. Triple Amenaza

Bell rings, and all three members of Los Haraganes suicide dive out of the ring and into Triple Amenaza. Back in the ring now, A double hip toss on Star Boy, followed by a dropkick. Demencia and Zarco exchange chest chops. Zarco with a leg sweep and a right-hand takedown. Arandu plants a monkey flip. During the match, a CONTRA Unit graphic keeps popping up. He says that he is going to raise the stakes and bring the pain to Salina de la Renta's clients tonight and forever. The match resumes and Silver Star lands back first on a board that is laid out on the outside. Everyone is colliding on the outside. Los Haraganesplants plants three powerbombs on Star Boy. They go for the cover and pick up the win.

Winners: Los Haraganes

Post-Match: Los Haraganes take out the referee.

Backstage: LA Park says that he is going to beat Jacob Fatu's a-- and will become the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion at SuperFight.

Outside by the pool: Brian Pillman Jr. is having a good time and tells a lady that he met how funny Low Ki sounds and how he isn't taking him seriously as a competitor.

Up next, a Tijuana Street Fight!

Havoc announces who will be in this streetfight! To his right, Hijo De La Park will represent de la Renta, and out of nowhere, Josef Samael attacks Hijo. Their brawl begins outside.

Hijo De La Park vs. Josef Samael

Samael slams Hijo into a door. Hijo fires back by sending him through a floorboard. De la Renta in the background is talking smack to Samael. Hijo with a low kick. Samael with a right hand. Several members of CONTRA Unit including Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwon come out and gang up on Hijo. The match ends. The commentators announce that Hijo was taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Winner: No Contest

Mance Warner posts a video on Twitter and issues a challenge to Havoc. He wants a "Stairway to Hell" match at SuperFight.

Havoc responds to his challenge. He says that if Warner is cleared to compete by November 2, then yes, he will accept the challenge!

A preview of the matches announced for SuperFight are shown.

Outside: Dynasty is enjoying their time away from the ring. They are still making fun of Mexico. Alex Hammerstone asks if MJF and Richard Holliday heard what the Von Erichs said earlier. They aren't sure what exactly a Texas tornado match is. They think it has to do with fighting barefoot. As they're trying to decide how to train for this upcoming match, we head back to the ring for the main event!

Jimmy Havoc vs. Damian 666 (w/Salina de la Renta) vs. Savio Vega in a No Disqualification Match

Bell rings, Damian and Vega work together and take out Havoc. Vega turns around and hits Damian right in the throat. Havoc grabs a cookie sheet from the outside and hits Damian with it. It doesn't do much. Vega grabs a kendo stick and hits Damian with it. Vega with a chair hits Havoc in the back. Damian with two belts starts whipping Vega. Vega fires back with a trash can lid on Damian. Damian sets a chair up in between the second and top turnbuckle. Havoc swings Damian into the chair face first.

Vega gets up and lands some vicious kicks on to Damian. Havoc dumps out a bag full of thumbtacks on top of a chair. Damian pushes Havoc and he sits right on the chair that's full of thumbtacks. Vega with two trash cans goes back and forth swinging them in the front and back of Havoc's head. Damian takes a belt and wraps it around Vega's neck. Havoc with a trashcan slams it on top of Vega's head. Damian is setting up a table. Vega puts Havoc up on the table. He climbs to the top rope. Havoc gets up. Damian climbs up to the second rope and superplexes Vega right into the table. Damian goes for the cover and Havoc comes in to break up the match. Havoc gets one more attack before pinning Vega and taking the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

Post-Match: Havoc continues attacking Damian. Damian's son Bestia 666 comes out to help his dad.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!