As seen above, a clip from Jim Ross' Grilling J.R. podcast was posted that further detailed what Triple H had said about C.M. Punk's physique during his run in WWE. As previously noted, Ross claims that Hunter disliked the idea of Punk receiving a push in the company because of his "over-sized, soft ass".

"Hunter [is the one that said his ass is too big]. It was all about the workout s--t, man and how he looked in an 8 x 10 or whatever," J.R. began. "He's not going to look the same because he's not the same, and if all you're going to do is put out androids all looking alike what the hell do you got? You got no uniqueness, you've got no individuality - so, that was the whole deal.

"I think the consensus was that this guy might not be in great shape because he looks soft. And I'm saying that his softness as far as his ass is concerned - his ass issue was a non-issue in my view," J.R. continued. "It was basically based on the fact that the perception was he had an over-sized, soft ass. Silly as it sounds, it's so absurd that it doesn't make any sense, and I swear to God, folks, I'm not making this up. But that was the whole deal and then finally, through hell and high water, he plowed through this bulls--t and became the star that he is. He had a Hall of Fame level career there, there's no doubt about that. Will he ever be in the Hall of Fame? Eh, I wouldn't bet on that one. And I'm not so sure that he would accept it if it was offered."

J.R. believes that the treatment Punk received while working for WWE is a prime example of bullying, however, that's just "show business" to Ross.

"It's show business, it's God d--n show business and it's unfair to anybody that's being persecuted in that regard," J.R. stated. "It's not fair, it's being like a bully because you can, you get the stroke. It's not good. I just don't like singling people out in that regard, especially somebody that could go and Punk could go."

Ross explained that backstage politics were regularly affecting Punk's career and the direction it ultimately took in WWE. He noted how impressive it is that Punk went on to have a run worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame despite the adversity he was constantly faced with behind the scenes.

"Any time we talk about CM Punk's career in WWE or wherever it may be, you've got to talk about politics because that's what he was the victim of," J.R. said. "I'm not going to say you put all of it on WWE because generally, when you have that sort of conflict, personal conflict, it takes two to tango to some degree. But I all in all, Punk was an overt victim of unfortunate, ill-timed politics in his run in WWE. And despite of all that, in spite of all those push-backs, look at the run he had. That shows you just how good he really was."

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