"The Big Guy" Ryback and Wrestling Inc.'s own President, Raj Giri, joined forces on the latest edition of Ryback TV to talk about one of the hottest topics amongst the pro wrestling community today - Eric Bischoff's sudden release from WWE. Ryback thinks that perhaps Bischoff being absent from the business for so many years might have been a factor that played into his downfall.

"I don't know [what happened] not being there, but Eric, he was essentially on the outside being brought in. Bruce Prichard had already been there for a bit and obviously had worked closely with Vince many years ago,and was there around the core of the WWE brand for many years," Ryback explained. "Eric, I don't know what happened. I think it would be tough because he was out of the game for quite some time and then getting back in with today's talent and with the business model being completely different than it was back when he was competing with WWE. And during his time in WWE when he was there, some of that started to kind of slowly shift business model-wise. But as long as he is happy."

Ryback noted how he would enjoy seeing Bischoff transition into a commentary role or become one of the announcers on the pay-per-view kick-off panels.

"I don't really know what to say about this situation because I don't know what could have caused it," Ryback said. "I personally always enjoyed Eric Bischoff on commentary. Not saying he would be on the commentary role for the show, but you know those panels? I think that gives you a different feel, and not just having wrestlers on there but having Bischoff on there as well. I have always enjoyed him personally. I think he has a good on-screen presence and if that is the case and it wasn't that role they put him in."

Ryback thinks that the Executive Director of RAW, Paul Heyman, has adapted to his position so well because he already knew what to expect coming into that role. Ultimately, Ryback thinks that this decision will be what is best for Eric's health and the company.

"Paul Heyman has obviously been with WWE for many years and knows the inner workings of that and dealing with Vince McMahon. We saw Road Dogg doing different things and the stress that causes," Ryback said. "And I believe Eric is doing okay financially, so if you don't need the money, you are probably not going to put up with the bulls**t that goes on. And it's not worth the stress to try and creatively come up with stuff and then be told that it needs to change and I don't like it. And you're trying different things - it's just a really stressful situation. At the end of the day, you are not the one making the final call, so I can see with him in today's model. And I don't know Eric personally; I think I met him once and it was a simple hello on an airplane. He's probably far better off from a health standpoint, so I am really happy for him."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.