Yesterday we asked if you thought Bray Wyatt would defeat Seth Rollins and take the WWE Universal Championship at tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.

The voting was close, but more of you are leaning towards Wyatt winning the title, thanks to his current momentum and popularity with the fans. Those who picked Rollins felt like "The Fiend" isn't a gimmick that should be champion, and WWE has been known to not strike while the iron is hot (ex: Braun Strowman).

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Undertaker shows up and interferes. Costs Bray the strap. Leads to a payoff where The Fiend takes down Taker and puts him in a higher level finally with a big win."


"Not a chance, Vince Logic has Seth winning this with some kind of 'funny' ending that leaves Bray looking strong but keeps the belt on Seth."

Flying Scotsman:

"I'd suggest a wrinkle in the story,just to do something different with Wyatt's character.How about he wins the title but vacates it, saying that he's not interested in such material things but just in pursuing Seth, punishing him, beating him, terrorizing him. He doesn't want Seth's title, he wants his soul, & will continue to haunt him until Seth let's him in."


"Bray Wyatt is the hottest thing going right now which means Seth Rollins will win. It's the Braun effect."

Mr Bobbins:

"Yes. I can just picture the Firefly Funhouse Championship Celebration special edition."

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