While most people enjoyed AEW Dynamite's debut, some were confused with the commentary team. It featured two play-by-play guys in Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone and one color commentator in Excalibur.

Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman asked Tony Khan about the Dynamite commentary team going forward and if we can expect changes during the post-even media scrum.

"No that's the team. First of all [Alex Marvez] is in the control center so he's been doing a lot of content like 'The Road To' and the control center for the PPVs. Also, we've had a lot of social media pushes and backstage stuff that Alex has been doing," said Khan.

"But one thing Alex does that a lot of people don't know and he doesn't get enough credit for is he prepares Jim for these PPVs with extensive notes. He's really helpful and is a good coordinator for all of the announcers and helps Excalibur, Tony and Jim. When he was calling shows and when not in the booth, Alex has still been doing a lot of the backstage preparation as a coordinator."

While Schiavone did sign a full-time contract for AEW, he won't be calling every event as he has other responsibilities on the weekends. Khan talked about those and who will fill in for Schiavone.

"Then Goldenboy will be calling Full Gear. Tony isn't going to be available as he has University of Georgia football responsibilities," stated Khan. "So, Goldenboy will be on TV with JR and Excalibur for Full Gear…But Tony is on TV every week with Jim and Excalibur."

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