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Big Swole & Mercedes Martinez vs. Sadie Gibbs & Allie

Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt)

Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Michael Nakazawa

Also on tonight's episode, MJF joins the commentary table!

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Tony Schiavone welcomes fans to another edition of AEW Dark! He announces that Dasha Fuentes will be his co-host each week. The first match of the night is a singles match!

Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Michael Nakazawa

Nakazawa motivates the crowd with some claps as the match begins. Spears backs Nakazawa into the corner. Both men lock up again, and Spears puts a hold on Nakazawa. He breaks it up. Spears with a wrist lock. Nakazawa reverses it. Spears with a waist lock. Nakazawa says no way and oils himself up and slithers out of the lock. Nakazawa pours some baby oil on Spears and goes for a senton. Blanchard climbs up to the apron and falls off because of how slick the ring is. Spears plants Nakazawa on top of the apron. Spears with several shots towards Nakazawa's kidneys, followed by a foot choke. Spears mocks Nakazawa by dancing like him and then lands two strong chest chops. Spears goes for the cover and Nakazawa kicks out at 2. Spears with a leg lock. Nakazawa slowly crawls over to the bottom rope to break out of the hold. Nakazawa with two big right elbow strikes. Nakazawa follows with a shoulder tackle. Goes for the cover and Spears kicks out. Blanchard on the outside distracts Nakazawa for Spears to come up from behind. Nakazawa pulls off his undergarment and is charging at Spears with it. Spears counters with a kick and then a slingshot brainbuster. Spears goes for the cover one last time, and picks up the win!

Winner: Shawn Spears

Up next, is a women's tag team match with a 20-minute time limit!

Big Swole & Mercedes Martinez vs. Sadie Gibbs & Allie

Swole and Gibbs start the match. Swole with a takedown. Gibbs with an arm lock. Swole reverses and puts Gibbs into another arm lock. Gibbs with a headlock. Swole breaks out of it with a shoulder tackle. Gibbs powerslams Swole. Goes for the cover and Martinez comes in to break up the pin. Martinez is tagged in. Her and Swole work together before Swole goes out on the apron. Martinez with a dropkick. Gibbs tags in Allie. Allie with a crossbody, followed by a senton. Goes for the cover and Martinez kicks out. Allie tags in Gibbs. Gibbs smacks Martinez into the corner. Martinez rolls through into the capture and then a curb stomp. She goes for the cover on Gibbs and Allie comes in to break up the pin. Swole is tagged in. Swole pushes Gibbs into the corner. She stalls her with a kick and goes for the cover. Gibbs kicks out. Gibbs reverses an octopus submission into a vertical suplex. Gibbs tags in Allie and Swole tags in Martinez.

Allie runs back and forth between the two opposite turnbuckles and takes out Swole and Martinez. Martinez plants a powerful spinebuster on Allie. Swole is back in the ring. Swole with a waist lock on Allie. Allie reverses with a Russian leg sweep. Swole tags in Martinez. Martinez with a vertical suplex. Goes for the cover and Gibbs breaks it up. Allie with a backstabber and then a running elbow strike. Martinez fights back with a running knee strike. Martinez crawls over to tag in Swole and Allie does the same with Gibbs. Gibbs with a strong Samoan Drop. Allie with a sliding elbow strike on Swole. Martinez with a cannonball senton from the outside onto Swole and Allie. Gibbs goes up and over the top rope and crashes into all the women. Gibbs with a cradle drop on Swole. Goes for the cover and Martinez saves the match for her and Swole. Martinez with a fisherman buster. Allie with a running death valley driver on to Martinez. Gibbs climbs up to the top rope and Swole stops her halfway. Martinez and Swole with a neckbreaker/powerbomb on Gibbs. Allie breaks up the pin. Allie arm drags Martinez off the top rope. Gibbs with a moonsault press on to Swole. She goes for the pin and picks up the win for her and Allie.

Winners: Sadie Gibbs & Allie

A video package of Dr. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley's feud since their debut on AEW is shown. Baker challenges Priestley to a match at Full Gear this Saturday. Schiavone confirms that this match will officially take place on Saturday. They run through all the other matches that will take place at Full Gear.

Last week's Dynamite Recap: Chris Jericho and Cody's contract signing is shown, as well as the damage that the Inner Circle did to Dustin Rhodes.

After the recap, Cody's segment "Undesirable to Undeniable" is shown. His guest this week is Jimmy Havoc. He says that most days he feels undesirable. People have told him that because of his wrestling style, he wasn't going to be booked anywhere big. He says his love for horror films helped inspire his character. He says he's undeniable because he tells people to "f**k themselves" now. He isn't afraid to tell people how he feels anymore.

And now, the main event!

Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt)

Jungle Boy and Havoc begin the match. Havoc backs Jungle Boy into the corner and gives him a clean break. Jungle Boy looks shocked. Havoc focuses on Jungle Boy's left arm by twisting it. Jungle Boy reverses a headlock by Havoc. Jungle Boy with a scissors lock. Havoc with a hard right across Jungle Boy's jaw, he then starts to bite Jungle Boy's arm. Janela is tagged in. Jungle Boy tags in Stunt. Stunt stomps on Janela's foot. He goes over to tag in Jungle Boy. Janela tags in Havoc. Jungle Boy with a dropkick. He backs himself up to his corner and Stunt tags in. Stunt and Jungle Boy work together with single lock dropkick. Havoc tags in Janela. Stunt and Jungle Boy fly over the top rope and take out Janela and Havoc. Stunt dances in the ring and Havoc takes him out. He uses the tag rope to strangle Stunt with. The referee tells Havoc to stop and break it up. Havoc does and then goes for a side headlock. Stunt fights out of it. Havoc tags in Janela. Janela with a German Suplex on Stunt. Janela follows it up with a stalling German Suplex. Janela tags in Havoc. Havoc bites Stunt's neck. Jungle Boy reaches his hand out as far as he can to get Stunt to tag him in.

Stunt is fighting back by taking Janela out on the apron and rolls out of a pin from Havoc. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy bites Havoc's hand and then goes for running kick. Janela gets sent to the outside by Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy runs towards the ropes and Janela kicks Jungle Boy in the back. Janela is in the ring now. Jungle Boy with a Manhattan Drop on to Janela. Stunt and Jungle Boy with a splash combination on Janela. Jungle Boy goes for the cover and Havoc comes in to break up the pin. Janela powerslams Jungle Boy. Stunt with a running knee strike on Janela. Jungle Boy with a Tiger Driver '98. Havoc becomes the legal man. Stunt gets tagged in. Havoc with a piledriver on Stunt. Goes for the cover and Stunt kicks out. Janela tags himself in. Havoc hands Janela a staple gun. Janela staples Havoc near his eye. Janela with an avalanche package piledriver. He goes for the cover and picks up the victory for his team!

Winners: Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc

Post-Match: Blanchard finds Janela backstage and says that Janela was very disrespectful towards him a few months back. From behind, Spears attacks Janela. He takes a plier to Janela's teeth. The screen goes black and all you can hear is Janela screaming.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!