Legendary Four Horsemen member and current member of the AEW team, Arn Anderson, took some time at Starrcast to discuss his particular role in the growth of AEW. Arn told Wrestling Inc.'s own Nick Hausman that his primary focus has been helping the talent develop their characters on a weekly television show.

"I really haven't had a lot to do with AEW as far as the nuts and bolts, I've just kind of been talent so far. Which has been great; [the talent] is so in tune with the product," Arn explained. "I'm just - Jesus Christ, guys, I'm 61 years old. To be able to walk through the locker room with these kids and them even know who I am, it's pretty flattering to be honest with you."

Although he admits that he's still getting familiar with each wrestlers character and style, Arn mentioned how Maxwell Jacob Friedman (better known as MJF) is a standout jerk. He mentioned how he's avoiding any sort of verbal back and forth with the young heel.

"I'm just getting used to all of those guys; I haven't had a chance to see them perform a lot. MJF, are those the right letters? He is a real asshole!" Arn stated. "Now, I'm pretty good in the locker room about jousting. I'm pretty renowned about getting the last word pretty quickly. I don't know if I want to get into a verbal joust with that kid - he's a major smart ass."

Arn also took some time to praise Chris Jericho for the way he has yet again transformed his character as World Champion of AEW. Anderson is impressed at Jericho's longevity in the pro wrestling business, and he believes that part of his success is Jericho's willingness to learn new things everywhere he goes.

"He's become very unlikable. Chris Jericho is a guy that has morphed into that lead heel, that champion heel, but he's not trying to be Luke Harper, or he's not trying to be Braun Strowman, or Roman Reigns, or AJ Styles. He's trying to be Chris Jericho, he's drinking bubbly laying in the bathtub, fully-dressed, all that stuff," Arn said. "It's perfect for Chris; Chris is now probably looking at what? 25 years in the business? That close, and he's learned something from me everywhere he's been and in everything he's done. And [it's wise] surrounding himself with those two guys, LAX, and Swagger, and Sammy Guevara."

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